Abu Dhabi Finance Week Agenda & Speakers


Building on ADGM’s success of its flagship initiative Fintech Abu Dhabi since 2017, which attracted 18,500 participants, 200+ speakers, 100+ startups and 75+ ecosystem partners. Abu Dhabi Finance Week is a week-long engagement addressing a spectrum of economic issues: financial technology & innovation, startups & enterprise, venture funding & investment, asset management & capital markets, economic policy & regulation.

Key themes of this year

Fintech Abu Dhabi

Explore the intersection between finance and technology as well as the opportunities that exist in new age finance.

Crypto Abu Dhabi

Discover the long-term growth and development of crypto, blockchain, NFTs, tokenization and decentralized finance.


Understand Regulation, Awareness, Collaboration & Ecosystem, which are the key components for true sustainability


Interact with the brightest minds in the startup ecosystem with a platform to discuss funding, scaling up and building the next generation of unicorns.

Highlighted sessions

Fintech Abu Dhabi

How are Regulators Responding to Innovation?

15 NOV at 14:00 PM to 14:30 PM, ADGM Atrium

Technology and innovation is generally a profoundly positive thing, but with all change comes some risk. This session brings global regulators together to discuss how to encourage innovation, but also protect billions of users of financial services across the world.


Caroline Pham | Commissioner, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission UK

Sinha Former | Chairman, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

Wai Lum Kwok | Senior Executive Director, Authorisation & Fintech, FSRA ADGM

Giuseppe Siani | Director General for Financial Supervision and Regulation, Bank of Italy

(Moderator) Salim Essaid |  Business Correspondent, AI Monitor

Crypto Abu Dhabi

Racing Into the Future: Web3 and the Evolving F1 Business Landscape

16 Nov at 11:50AM-12:20 PM, ADGM Atrium

McLaren is one of the most beloved brands in Formula One. They know the power of supercharging experience better than anyone and firmly believe Web3 presents new heights for Fanfare, as they drive their business into the new era. In this session, join McLaren Racings CEO and the CMO of global crypto giant OKX, as they explore the exponential possibilities of Web3 tech and McLaren Racings Ecosystem.


Haider Rafique | Chief Marketing Officer, OKX

Zak Brown | CEO, McLaren Racing

(Moderator) Hadley Gamble | Anchor, CNBC


Ecosystem: Building Sustainable Capital Markets

17 Nov at 15:05 PM to 15:30 PM, ADGM Atrium

As more companies commit to net zero goals, there is a clear imperative to build out sustainable capital markets. This session will look through the lens of voluntary carbon markets, and look at how markets are developing.


Ben Worley | Co-founder & CEO, Spiro Carbon

David Rouse | CEO, CarbonClick

Vinoda Basnayake | President, Aspiration MENA

Diako Makhmalbaf | Director of  ESG Solutions, HSBC


Awareness: Launch of MFTA Sustainability Report

17 Nov at 14:10 PM to 14:15 PM, ADGM Atrium

The Chairman of the MENA Fintech Association joins the dots between Fintech and Sustainability in the launch of this special report.


Nameer Khan | Chairman, MENA Fintech Association

Youth in Finance

Held as part of the Abu Dhabi Finance Week, Youth in Finance is one of the main segments that will enable communication related to finance between leadership and youth. Several engagements will be hosted enabling knowledge transfer and providing insight about the financial sector.

Workshop 1:

Digital Assets Workshop in partnership with Centre for Finance Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE)

November 16th, 10:00AM to 11:00PM, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Youth Hub

We keep hearing about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, Stablecoins, but what do they mean exactly? Are they the building blocks of a new way of doing finance, or is it purely a market driven by speculators? And how do we get into it?The main purpose of this workshop is to help participants demystify the world of digital assets while understanding what skills are needed to really be part of that space. In this workshop attendees will get the chance to engage with the content through interactive questions and activities.

Workshop 2:

Rules to Power a Stablecoin Driven Future Economy

November 16th, 10:00AM to 11:00PM, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Youth Hub

It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate ourselves in the workplace. Does having a good education guarantee us a good job? Does having loads of knowledge lead to career satisfaction? Whatever mindset we have in the workplace, directly translates into how we carry ourselves, navigate relationships, manage stress and ultimately plays a big role in how we are perceived by peers and leaders. This session will equip participants to build an agile mindset, demonstrate agility in the workplace and understand the path to organisational agility.

Capital Square

The 2022 edition of Capital Square will act as a social hub to assemble the Abu Dhabi financial landscape, along with key innovators and entrepreneurs.

Here’s what Capital Square will offer:

Founders' Club

Global unicorn founders & investors mingling in the exclusive ‘Founders’ Club’.

Startup Campus

The eagerly anticipated ‘startups campus’, which will gather and exhibit 100+ outstanding startups forging ahead with growth, in a spirit of resilience and innovation

Campus Stage

Experts sharing their knowledge and insights via dedicated mentor sessions, which will also feature the stories of our 100+ startups as they walk into the spotlight to share their growth.

Urban X Evening Reception

Numerous social events including dinners, drinks, food trucks, live entertainment and music.

Abu Dhabi Pavilion & Media Hub

Global media broadcasts at the media hub ‘ADFW Live’, featuring broadcast, radio, print and digital media sharing the stories of the week.

Featured Speakers by theme