June 2, 2017

CFTE's Story – Tram Anh and Nicolas @Coding Academy & Website down – CFTE Blog

What we’ve been up to last week…
This week we crossed the English channel to beautiful Paris. Why?
To bring awareness on tech driven Finance. Our co-founder Tram Anh and associate Nicolas gave an amazing talk to a room full of software engineers @the Coding Academy – leading Coding Bootcamp in Paris.

Why the Coding Academy?

Demand for software engineers is booming as the genetics of the finance industry continue to change. Just as the digitisation of publishing led to a boom in demand for web developers, so the digitisation of banking is increasing demand for software engineers to power the next generation of banking products.
CFTE was at the coding academy to introduce this very concept to the aspiring software engineers.
Check out Tram Anh’s interview for more info: Interview periscope 

The website was down?

Slightly embarrassing but due to technical anomalies which are too long winded to explain the CFTE website was temporarily down – probably the massive traffic we had!  ?
Not to worry, we’re back up and running now and we updated the website after announcing FIVE new board members!

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