Singapore Fintech Festival 2023
Agenda and Speakers

Today at Singapore Fintech Festival

17 November 2023

Chat With Ravi Menon: The FinTech Journey

Festival Stage

Key Themes

Digitising Inclusion

Join Ravi Menon, the managing director of Monetary Authority of Singapore and Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer at Monetary Authority of Singapore in this discussion on Singapore’s fintech journey to date.

Expect industry insight, evaluation of the current situation and prediction into the future opportunities within FinTech globally.

Wake Up With The Leaders: With Breakfast

Insights Stage

Key Themes

Efficient Payments

This session will explore key SFF themes – driving Efficient Payments, Digitising Inclusion and exploring Responsible Tokenisation. Join these banking and payments leaders as they recap on the latest innovations in 2023 and chart a course for what we can expect in 2024. This session will set the conversation at the start of day 3 and spark ideas that will get discussed throughout the day. 

Climate Transition: Markets, Data, Technology

Technology Stage

Key Themes

Efficient Payments

Join this panel where experts across the public and private sectors will discuss developments in QR payments and share their views on how the quest to drive greater interoperability in the QR payments space will shape the future of payments in Singapore and beyond.


Brave New World: Building A Future-Proof Skill Set

Talent Stage

Key Themes

Advancing Talent

This panel will explore the importance of building a future-proof skill set and provide valuable insights into the skills required, strategies to acquire them, and the stakeholders responsible for fostering skill development.

This year’s Singapore Fintech Festival is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! While the festival gathers the industry’s top minds and more than +60,000 attendees, it can sometimes be overwhelming to understand how all the sessions work. We simplified it for you.

What is the theme of this year?

This year the Singapore Fintech Festival explores the wide implications of AI in digital finance services development. How digital assets can solve the financial inclusivity? What systems should be in place to ensure security in modern finance? What role does talent play in fintech development at scale? SFF industry experts explore these key issues to further develop the digital finance industry. Gain insight into the future of the fintech through the agenda outlined below.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 Agenda

Agenda of the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, an event supported by MAS

Main Themes of SFF 2023

 Singapore Fintech Festival is a meeting spot for tech and financial services innovators from around the world. Artificial Intelligence is regarded as one of the most disruptive technologies of 2023, hence it is the main focus topic of the festival.  Panels and events at SFF 2023 will also discuss far reaching fintech topics such as the innovations in the monetary system, digital financing & AI, risk management and the role of talent in tech development. 

Rearchitecting the Monetary System

Rearchitecting the monetary system - the main topic of Singapore Fintech Festival presented by Monetary Authority of Singapore

Can economic inequality be solved with a fair, transparent, cost-effective and efficient financial services system to reach unbanked and underbanked?

Key Topics

Digital Assets – stable coins, CBDCs

National Digital Infrastructure

Global platforms for SMEs

Risk Mitigation

Preparing for future risks: Climate, Cyber, Economic, Geopolitical, Technological - the main topic of Singapore Fintech Festival presented by Monetary Authority of Singapore

How to utilise risk management strategies to address challenges facing businesses, governments and society?

Key Topics

Deeper dive into the use cases where tech and data enable risk management

Talent Development

Building a talent pipeline and the future of work and entrepreneurship - the main topic of Singapore Fintech Festival presented by Monetary Authority of Singapore

Is the workforce prepared for the demands of the tech acceleration?

Key Topics

Collaborating with governments and university to drive educational programmes

Capital meets policy dialogue

Founders Peak and Investor programmes

The World of AI

Identifying real-world applications of AI - the main topic of Singapore Fintech Festival presented by Monetary Authority of Singapore

How AI can be used to unlock real business innovation? What are the ethical and safety risks of digital financing? Is the media hype justified?

Key Topics

National AI strategies shaping the tech landscape

“To regulate or to not regulate”?

CFTE - Official Knowledge partner of #SFF2023

CFTE is an education platform in Digital Finance and Fintech. We are giving individuals, companies and governments the skills and knowledge to be part of the new era of Finance.

CFTE Panel Picks by Day

Get an overview of each SFF 2023 Stage with our panel picks by day

15 November 2023

16 November 2023

17 November 2023

CFTE at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

 As a proud Knowledge Partner of the SFF 2023, CFTE is pleased to share the events and initiatives organised as a part of the fair.

New Skills in an AI World Roundtable

Addressing The new skills in an AI world roundtable discussion by British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

CFTE co-founder Tram Anh Nguyen is chairing an invite-only roundtable on new skills of AI hosted by British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

Stay tuned to get insight into the latest trends in AI talent.

Bullish or bearish: The Impact of Generative AI on Financial Services

Financial services, often at the epicenter of technological change, now face transformative shifts brought about by Generative AI.

CFTE co-founder Huy Nguyen Trieu and WhatsNext Fintech CFTE podcast host Ronit Ghose are chairing a roundtable on Generative AI in Financial Services organised by CFTE and Citi as a part of Singapore Fintech Festival 2023. 

Lunch & Learn: Founders’ Mental Wealth

The importance of Founders Mental Health for the perception and performance of their funds. is a growing topic in the fintech industry.    

Huy Nguyen Trieu moderates the invite-only  roundtable led by Janos Barberis, CEO of Founders Taboo and CFTE expert. The discussion is only one of the 3 Lunch & Learn events at Singapore Fintech Festival and will host 45 leading investors.

Hosting of the Talent Stage at SFF 2023

Digital acceleration creates opportunity for new career options, while some positions are going obsolete. How do we evolve towards change in Industry 4.0?

CFTE co-founder Tram Anh Nguyen is hosting Talent Stage discussions at SFF 2023.  

Decoding Blockchain and Digital Assets Workshop

Blockchain and Digital Assets have numerous practical uses, from safeguarded crypto transactions and instant tokenised payments, to supply chain management. 

Join our co-founder, Huy Nguyen in his workshop on this topic.  


CFTE Reception Event at SFF 2023

To mark the conclusion of the Singapore Fintech Festival, CFTE is throwing a private event to network and share ideas among our community.

Join the waitlist for your chance to participate in the event.

CFTE and Elevandi Co-launch Certification on Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

Technology innovation in the digital finance industry is aiding in the transformation of the monetary system worldwide.  CFTE and Elevandi co-created “Rearchitecting the Financial System” to educate all stakeholders of the financial industry on the use of digital assets and payment linkages to transform the current monetary system.


Leading Speakers at SFF 2023


Rearchitecting the Monetary System

Risk Mitigation

Talent Development

The World of AI

Explore Fintech Learning with CFTE

Online Masterclasses

Gain an edge of the world of Digital Finance​

Accredited Specialised Courses

Blockchain and Digital Assets Course

While the media has been fixated on cryptocurrencies, behind the scenes, institutions have been redefining the very fabric of financial services.

  • Central banks are exploring CBDCs, with over 100 of them already working on digital currencies.
  • Banks are pioneering bond tokenisation, and the industry is leveraging distributed ledgers for ESG.
  • Initiatives like the Canton Network – involving major players such as Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, and Microsoft – are just the tip of the iceberg – our experts analysed hundreds of other ones.

Don’t miss out on this largely unexplored space, poised to revolutionise the future of finance.

AI in Finance Course

AI has been transforming financial services, powered by big data and unparalleled computing capabilities. Hundreds of impactful use cases have emerged, empowering individuals and companies with a competitive edge.

  • Top financial leaders recognize the game-changing potential, with 72% anticipating a major AI impact.
  • Global giants like HSBCJP Morgan, and Goldman Sachspioneer AI in financial services from customer-facing to compliance.
  • Knowledge workers across each institution – financial, legal and product analysts – experience enhanced efficiency with AI tools.

Don’t miss and seize the opportunities of this megatrend, shaping the future of financial services at every level!