Singapore’s Leading Banking Institution Recognises CFTE & BIB’s Payments in Digital Finance Specialisation

London, 22 April 2021 –  The Payments in Digital Finance Specialisation co-designed by the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) and the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) is now recognised by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) under the Financial Training Scheme (FTS). This programme aims to prepare professionals for a new payments era and is taught by financial practitioners from institutions like the European Central Bank, the European Automated Clearing House Association, HSBC, The Monetary Authority of Singapore, and more.

Payments in Digital Finance​ Specialisation

N26's former Chief Product Officer teaches new technologies and product innovations in payments

The last 10 years have witnessed an unprecedented amount of progress in the payments sphere. The world now leans towards faster, more innovative and low cost solutions in payments. Unsurprisingly, cards have trumped physical cash as the new favorite, and digital wallets are not far behind. The global digital payment industry is expected to grow from $ 79.3 billion in 2020 to $ 154.1 billion by 2025. But as innovations pick up speed,  the need for humans to pick up skills to understand these technologies to make the most of them is essential.

To play a part in driving ‘people transformation’ in the world of digital finance, CFTE and BIB decided to join forces to curate the ‘Payments in Digital Finance Specialisation’. The programme consists of 6 courses that are structured for professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists or anyone eager to learn more about the payments sphere. The programme covers everything from giving one a robust understanding of the fundamentals of payments, to the emerging technologies and business models populating the ecosystem. The programme is bound to equip one with all the knowledge needed to successfully lead the digital transformation of payments projects or even kickstart one’s own payments venture.

To give learners a practical outlook on the subject, the course is taught by 5 leading experts in the payments industry alongside 20+ contributing experts. The senior lectures in the programme are, Jean-Michel Godeffroy (President, JMG Consulting & Former Director General, European Central Bank), Fred Bar (Associate, Payments Advisory Group & Secretary General, European Automated Clearing House Association), Kim Ford (Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Fiserv), Michael O’Loughlin (Founder, o’ | Advisor, SAMA | Former Managing Director, Token Inc.) and Ritesh Jain (Co-Founder Infynit & Former COO, HSBC).

CFTE and BIB have always looked for ways to help learners gain the knowledge and skills they need to embrace the digitally enhanced finance world, and their co-joint payments programme is another milestone in reaching that goal. We are proud to announce that CFTE and BIB have been jolted one step ahead in their journey as their ‘Payments in Digital Finance Specialisation’ has now been recognised by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) under the Financial Training Scheme (FTS). Individuals who attend an FTS programme under the sponsorship of their company will be eligible for course fee funding. 

We are humbled, yet elated that the Payments in Digital Finance Specialisation is now recognised in Singapore, a city at the heart of the payments revolution in Asia. As the region continues to outpace the world to hold a leading position in the global payments industry, Singapore has been a key player in driving these developments through innovation. To continue to bolster this growth with the right education, we hope our programme is successful in helping the city reach even greater heights.

“Payments are the most innovative part of finance and it is evolving at an incredible pace. From instant payments, mobile wallets through the juncture of payments and disruptive technologies, for instance AI, blockchain till central bank digital currency, there are so many exciting topics. Payments is a playing field where you find central bankers and other financial regulators, bankers, challenger fintechs and big techs all over the world. One thing is common among these players, that is they need knowledge about the fundamentals of payments, payment infrastructure, regulation, and the innovations. This is the reason why we proudly created the payments in digital finance specialization, which is the most comprehensive global online specialization in payments.”, says the Budapest Institute of Banking.

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The Budapest Institute of Banking’s vision is to become an internationally recognised financial education institution and market-leading financial education provider in their domestic market through their high-quality, modern, innovative and experienced-based learnings.

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The Centre for Finance, Technology & Entrepreneurship (CFTE) is a high-impact education platform that helps professionals build the necessary skills to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry. CFTE also partners with Governments, Regulators and the largest Financial Institutions, to bridge the gap between finance, technology and innovation by helping talent build skills through our leading training programmes. CFTE is an education platform that is created by the industry, for the industry – helping learners get cutting-edge insights from those at the forefront of financial services. With offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, CFTE helps companies and individuals across the globe build their knowledge in Financial Technology, whilst simultaneously supporting their digital transformation process.

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If you are looking for rich insights into how the Financial Technology arena is transforming from within, we can help you get the latest knowledge that will stir things up in your career. CFTE offers leading online programmes in digital finance, covering an expanse of topics like – Payments, AI, Open Banking, Platforms, Fintech, Intrapreneurship and more, that will help you conquer the financial technology landscape. With this expertise at your disposal, you will be on track to turbocharge your career.

You will be learning from a curated line-up of industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs hailing from Fortune 500 companies and Tech Unicorns, among others. They will each be presenting their knowledge and experience in the field of digital finance. No matter if you are embarking on a new journey or fortifying your role, these lecturers and guest experts will guide you through the perspective of established institutions like – Starling Bank, Wells Fargo, tech giants like – Google, IBM, successful startups such as – Kabbage or Plaid, among many more!