The 6 Best Payments Courses in Singapore in 2021

Asia has a proven track record for outpacing other regions in payments revenue growth over the past few years. In the current scenario, the region is also experiencing rapid innovations amidst a payments industry that is digitally transforming, and Singapore is seen to be leading the pack. The past year has seen an expanding pool of digitally active customers as well as a booming e-commerce and fintech market that is pushing industries to provide more digitally enhanced solutions.

Payments in Digital Finance​ Specialisation

N26's former Chief Product Officer teaches new technologies and product innovations in payments

While the payments industry is transforming, people also need to replenish their skills to be competent and flourish in this evolving industry. To turbocharge one’s development, learning through courses and training programmes is the best way to get a step ahead in the game. 

If you are looking level-up your knowledge in payments, we would like to help you by bringing to you our top picks. Here are the best payments courses in Singapore this 2021:

CFTE’s online specialisation on ‘Payments in Digital Finance’ is designed in collaboration with the Budapest Institute of Banking. The programme consists of 6 courses that are  structured in a way to help finance to get a comprehensive understanding of how money and payments have developed, the foundations of payments, the global regulatory landscape, new payment technologies and product innovations, business models and strategies, as well as a guide to digital transformation of payments. The programme is the perfect package for finance professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists or anyone eager to learn more about the payments sphere. The specialisation is curated with 29 experts at the forefront of the payments industry in fintech, to help one get cutting-edge insights directly from industry leaders.


– The programme has the perfect mix between online self-paced content and real-world case studies, quizzes and reading material to bolster your learning journey.

– The course is curated with 29 leading experts in the Payments industry like the Chief Fintech Officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Former COO of HSBC, the Assistant Director of National Bank of Cambodia, the Head of Payments Solutions at SWIFT, among other leaders.

– The Payments in Digital Finance Specialisation is IBF and CPD Accredited.

– Joining the course will allow you to be part of a global community of over 100,000 professionals and entrepreneurs.

Senior Lecturers:

– Jean-Michel Godeffroy (President, JMG Consulting and Former Director General European Central Bank)

– Fred Bär (Associate, Payments Advisory Group and Secretary General, EACHA)

– Kim Ford (Senior VP, Government Relations, Fiserv)

– Michael O’Loughlin (Founder,

– Ritesh Jain (Former COO, HSBC, Co-Founder, Infynit).

Level:  Basic 

Structure: Online Self-paced

Duration: 6 weeks 

Certificate: CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion, IBF Accredited

CFTE’s course, Payment’s Stack: Industry Fundamentals is a one that forms a part of the Payments in Digital Finance Specialisation. The programme is well articulated and is ideal for learners eager to get a comprehensive overview of the payments industry. The course covers different foundations of payments like instruments, role of intermediaries and licensing and registration processes. It also gives one a high-level knowledge of the different infrastructure layers in payments as well as  business/process architecture of a bank. The course is taught by a leading payments industry figure, Fred Bär (Associate, Payments Advisory Group and Secretary General, EACHA). The course also has 7 global contribution experts from top global companies.


– The course brings to you knowledge from industry leaders leading the payments revolution like the Secretary General of EACHA, the Head of Payments Solutions at SWIFT, the Founder of, the Deputy Director of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the CEO of Simply Treasury among other top individuals. 

– The course has a perfect balance between self-paced lectures, industry use cases, quizzes and reading material to give learners a well-rounded development. 

– The Payment’s Stack: Industry Fundamentals course is IBF and CPD Accredited.

– Joining the course will allow you to be part of a global community of over 100,000 professionals and entrepreneurs.

Senior Lecturer: Fred Bär (Associate, Payments Advisory Group and Secretary General, EACHA)

Level: Basic 

Structure: Online Self-paced

Duration: 2 weeks

Certificate: CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion, IBF Accredited

Singapore Management University’s course on Transaction Banking aims to give learners the perfect lens to look into everything from corporate treasury solutions, technology infrastructures, deal sourcing to client management. The programme is facilitated by seasoned professionals, who have formerly held senior positions at Citibank. The programme is designed for fresh graduates, corporate bankers, relationship managers, credit analysts and those who wish to build on their foundations of corporate banking. 


– The course is taught by senior trainers who have had long standing careers as bankers at Citibank.

– With a combination of lectures, case studies, discussions and presentations, this programme aims to provide a well rounded learning experience.

– The Executive Certificate in Transaction Banking by SMU is IBF Accredited.

Lecturers: Evelyn Chua (Trainer and Coach for corporates and banks in Singapore) and the region. (  and Amelia Ching (Founder and CEO, agilenlite, the IT Consulting firm) 

Level: Basic

Structure: Face-to-face lectures at Singapore Management University

Duration: 6 days

Cost: SGD 5136 (as low as SGD 240 after maximum funding) 

Certificate: SMU Executive Certificate in Transaction Banking (IBF Level 1)

Learn Digital Finance from Experts

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountant’s e-learning programme on ‘Transaction Banking – Payment Services’ is a short online course for those who wish to get a quick overview of the transaction banking landscape. The course is an amalgamation of topics like key regulatory developments in the payments sphere, mobile banking/payments, along with more practical areas of payments processing and gives one an understanding of systems used to handle high and low value payments, while also covering the contingent risks involved. The course requires you to have a foundational understanding of transaction banking through the ‘Transaction Banking – An Introduction’ course provided by ISCA before taking this course. 


– The programme contributes to 1 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hour that is mandatory for Chartered Accountants in Singapore.

– The programme allows you to access content for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Level: Intermediate 

Course Structure: Online Delivery

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: For Members: $ 48.15, for Non-Members: $ 53.50

Certificate: Certificate of Completion

The Digital Payment Innovations course by Singapore Management University takes on a very practical approach to learning by combining lectures with team-based learning. The programme begins by giving an overview of the payments landscape and then goes into the regulatory framework, challenges, innovations and associated risks. The programme ends with a team-based case study development project on payment innovations that will be assessed. This development programme is curated for financial IT professionals in banking and fintech who have some experience and exposure in the market.


– The programme is taught by Chang Chew Lik, who has 27 years of management consulting and IT and was formerly at EY and IBM.

– The programme’s focus on team activities and case-based learning helps participants get hands-on exposure to real-world situations.

– The programme is also designed to be highly interactive and practical through the use of cases and by conducting engaging discussion.

Lecturer: Chang Chew Lik ( Financial Services Sector Lead and Advisor, NCS Group)

Level: Intermediate (At least 1-2 years of experience in/or exposure to financial IT and related operations)

Course Structure: Face-to-face learning at Singapore Management University 

Duration: 2 days

Cost: SGD 2140 (as low as SGD142.00 after maximum funding)

Certification: On meeting the attendance requirement and passing the assessment participants will receive a certificate of participation

National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) training on Blockchain For Cross Border Payment is the perfect course for you if you are looking to get a general overview of Blockchain technology and its widespread applications in the payments industry. The course learning content is created for anyone who is keen to get their hands into blockchain and payments, including finance professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring PMEs among others.


– The programme offers case-study based learning as well as several interactive activities to encourage active learning.

–  NTUC’s training on Blockchain For Cross Border Payment is IBF Accredited.

Level: Basic

Duration: 8 hours

Certificate: NTUC LearningHub Certificate of Completion for Blockchain for Cross Border Payments

Which is the best payments course for you in Singapore?

Choosing the course that is ideal for you requires several different elements to be taken into consideration. It depends on your learning goals, needs for convenience, price range, level of education and quality of course content that you seek.

If you are building up your arsenal of knowledge in payments to get a strong grounding in the industry the basic courses will give you the expertise you require to succeed. However, If you have a strong foundation in payments and are more advanced in the industry, then going for a course at the intermediate level would be wise. 

Based on the convenience you seek course choices will differ. If you are looking for something more easily accessible to begin with to start immediately, one of the online courses will be a better choice than in-person learning.

The length of courses also plays an important role in the decision. Short courses will be good for you to quickly brush up on concepts for general awareness, while longer courses will ensure more in-depth understanding of topics that can achieve more action-oriented outcomes in your organisation.

All-in-all, taking every point into consideration will help you make a well informed decision so you are able to take your skills to the next level and develop a successful career.

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