The Best Courses and Certifications in Intrapreneurship [2021]

“Intrapreneurship is as necessary for your company’s future as swimming is for a shark — if you don’t do it, you’ll die.”


From the Post-It note to the Sony PlayStation – these legendary products have all been the brainchild of inventive employees who were bursting with entrepreneurial energy and who’s organisations embraced intrapreneurial culture. This essentially forms the crux of what an intrapreneur is. 

What is an Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurship is acting like an entrepreneur within an established company.

To define the concept, an intrapreneur is an employee who is delegated an innovative project or comes up with a new idea independently to work on, within the safe realm of their existing organisation. This immediately takes away the risk that would otherwise be creeping up behind a traditional entrepreneur striving to reach the heights of success. But this does not come without a price. With lower risks as a benefit, intrapreneurs trade-off the outsized rewards that an entrepreneur may have the opportunity to reap.

While intrapreneurship gives ambitious employees the latitude to spread their wings and fly, it does so within the terms of the organisation, yielding the benefits of innovation and creativity within the company. All-in-all inculcating intrapreneurship into corporate culture creates a win-win situation for employees and the company that hosts them as well.

Examples of some successful intrapreneurs are:

Justin Rosenstein, the inventor of the Facebook ‘Like’ button.

Paul Buchheit, who’s intrapreneurial mind conceived Gmail by independently working on building the initial version of the tool.

Want to be part of this list? We’ve got you covered! We have curated a list of the top Intrapreneurship courses offered across the globe, so you can be ready to disrupt your company and your career.

Here are the best online courses on Intrapreneurship in the world this 2021:

Intrapreneurship in Financial Services is one of CFTE’s flagship courses. The program teaches you how to identify the business opportunities in your industry and create a convincing proposal to be sent to senior management. The course also teaches you how to pitch the proposal effectively to kickstart the project after the incubation phase, followed by how to hire the right talent and manage project stakeholders.


– The programme has the perfect mix between online self-paced content and real-world case studies, quizzes and reading material to bolster your learning journey

– The course is taught by experienced thought leaders from Amadeus, Prudential, Citi, Mettle among many others

– The Intrapreneurship course is CPD and IBF accredited 

–  Joining the course will allow you to be part of a global community of over 100,000 professionals and entrepreneurs

Senior Lecturer:

François Blanc (Managing Director, Amadeus)

Level:  Foundational

Structure: Online self-paced learning

Duration: 1 week (6 hours)

Certificate: CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion, IBF Accredited

In this course, you will learn how to drive change and innovation from within your organization to make a positive impact. This course focuses on building your confidence and developing the skills required for successful intrapreneurship.

By taking this course, you will have a deeper understanding of the value of intrapreneurship; be exposed to real-life case examples; and be able to spot potential opportunities to practice intrapreneurship.


– The programme is online and self-paced

– Open to everyone, no previous experience required 

– Full lifetime access

– 14 downloadable resources

– Certificate of completion

Level: Foundational

Structure: Online self-paced learning

Duration: 2.5 hours

Certificate: Udemy certificate of completion

The course is open and free for everyone and will be conducted completely online. As intrapreneurship can only function when management creates the right environment and employees follow the entrepreneurial spirit, the course addresses all business actors. Also external learners such as students, people between jobs, or just interested in the topic are highly welcome. Participants are invited to bring in their own ideas and develop a pitch strategy for a business opportunity in online collaborating teams.


– The programme is online and self-paced

– Open to everyone, no previous experience required 

– The programme is free

Level: Foundational

Course Structure: Online self-paced learning

Duration: 6 weeks (5 hours per week)

Learn Digital Finance from Experts

If you work at a company, or even if you run one, this course will help you figure out how to bring about change in a practical and effective way. Throughout the course you’ll pick up tools and methods to make your business better that you can start using today.

You’ll learn from global industry leaders from companies like Google, Havas, and Experian as well as creative industry legend, Dave Trott. If you want to master the art of making meaningful change, then this is for you.


– The programme is online and self-paced

– Learn from global industry leaders from companies like Google, Havas, and Experian as well as creative industry legend, Dave Trott.

– Open to everyone, no previous experience required 

– The programme is certified by Nicole Yershon

Level:  Foundational

Course Structure: Online self-paced learning

Duration: 28 bite-sized lessons

Certificate: Certificate of completion by Nicole Yershon

You enjoy working in a company, but you miss the pioneering spirit? Do you have a great business idea, but you do not dare to take the risk alone and leave your current job? Do you see business opportunities at your workplace, but you do not know how to implement your ideas?

Then you might be interested in taking this Massive Open Online Course, a MOOC, completely free of charge. It will provide you with tips and tools on how to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to your organization, workplace or your team and boost your business through opportunity identification and exploitation.


– The programme is online and self-paced

– Open to everyone, no previous experience required 

– The programme is free of charge

Level: Foundational

Course Structure: Online self-paced learning

Duration: 6 weeks (4 weeks of content and 2 additional weeks of practical transfer of the content learned). Approximately 5 hours of work per week.

Certificate: Certificate of participation and achievement

Which is the best intrapreneurship course for you?

Choosing the right course on Intrapreneurship takes several elements into consideration. It depends on your learning goals, price range, time commitment and the quality of content that you seek.


If you aspire to learn intrapreneurial techniques to implement successful projects, then taking a course with a more practical view will be beneficial. If you are just looking to get a brief introduction to the concept of intrapreneurship, then opting for a brief course that defines basic elements will be ideal.


In terms of the price range of courses offered, the available options vary from free courses to those that offer piece-by-piece installments, and full payments. Depending on your flexibility of making a payment upfront – choosing an option that meets budget is important too.


The length of courses also plays an important role in the decision. Short courses will be good for you to quickly brush up on concepts for general awareness, while longer courses will ensure more in-depth understanding of topics that can achieve more action-oriented outcomes in your organisation.


All-in-all, taking every point into consideration will help you make a well informed decision so you are able to develop the right skills akin to an intrapreneur to take your career goals to the next level.

Want to dive deeper into Intrapreneurship?​

Gain the skills you need to thrive in an innovation-driven financial world


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