Top Courses, Certifications & Trainings in Open Banking [2021]

The world’s Open Banking initiatives are rising in a wave of innovations through products and services that are taking the industry to the next level. These initiatives are an attempt to liberalise financial data to help improve transparency and enhance user experience for consumers in the banking sector. Financial information is shared securely and electronically through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allows TPPs (Third Party Providers) to access financial information efficiently to develop new apps and services. Cleo, the personal budgeting app, is the one good example of leveraging Open Banking by helping consumers better manage their finances. 

Open Banking and Platforms Online Specialisation

Wells Fargo's Executive Vice President teaches Big Banks Open Banking strategies.

Open Banking is also among the top innovation strategies for nearly 30% of banking executives across the globe. The industry’s high velocity technological transformations and innovations are opening up new opportunities for fintechs and banks everywhere. With the potential of this technology skyrocketing, only those who can understand it can leverage their knowledge to pioneer new products and services.

To help you have the right skills to succeed in the Open Banking revolution today, we have curated a list of the top courses offered in the subject area across the global landscape. The list is built to assist anyone from individuals starting out in Open Banking to those in the middle of their careers looking to transform their skills to better fit the new world of finance.

Here are the best online courses on Open Banking  in the world this 2021:

CFTE’s Open banking and Platforms Specialisation is a leading programme that consists of 5 courses designed to help anyone who is looking to get a solid understanding of the Open Banking Landscape. Everyone from financial professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs and even students can take the programme. The specialisation is curated with over 15 industry experts driving the Open Banking revolution, giving you the right knowledge and tools needed to successfully lead in this segment of banking and finance. The course covers a wide expanse of topics from an industry overview – covering the platform and ecosystem business models, analysis of leading players, understanding the network between TPPs and Big Banks, strategies for incumbents to adopt, the regulatory landscape and the technologies needed to implement a winning Open Banking strategy like APIs.


– A comprehensive Learning programme: The programme has the perfect mix between online self-paced video lectures, real-world case studies, quizzes, exercises and reading material to bolster your learning journey.

– Leading Accreditation:  The Open Banking & Platforms in Finance Specialisation, is fully CPD accredited.

– Designed with High-calibre Experts: The Programme consists of 5 leading lectures and contributions from over 15 experts, who hail from leading companies like Google Cloud, Wells Fargo, UBS, Mastercard, IBM among other top institutions.

– Join a Community of Leading Professionals: Joining the course will allow you to be part of a global community of over 100,000 professionals and entrepreneurs.

Senior Lecturers:

– Paul Rohan (Head of Strategy – Finance, Google Cloud)

– Anna Maj (Fintech Leader and Advisor)

– Secil Watson (Executive Vice-President, Wells Fargo)

– Carlos Figueredo (Founder & CEO, Open Vector)

– Stephan Murer (Former Group CTO, UBS)

Level:  Foundational/Intermediate  

Structure: Online self-paced learning

Cost: 600 GBP or 3 installments of  200 GBP

Duration: 5 weeks

Certificate: CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion

This world-leading course offered by CFTE is ideal for one to understand Open Banking and the Platforms ecosystem business models in finance as well as strategies and elements to consider for their successful implementation. The programme dives also into the case of Amazon, a company that became a global superpower through the platform ecosystem business model, while also covering the impact of platforms on financial services, the risks and regulations and the implementation strategy. The course is ideal for finance professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists or students looking to broaden their knowledge about emerging technologies in finance, or those who are looking to build skills to implement a successful Open Banking project. To give you an industry perspective, the course is taught by 6 leading professionals from Google Could, Societe General, IBM and DBS among other top companies.


– Practical Outlook: The programme is designed to equip you with knowledge that will help understand the theory behind concepts as well as actionable insights on how to implement learning in the real world.

– Designed with High-calibre Experts: The programme is taught by industry experts, who hail from leading companies like Societe General, IBM and DBS among other top institutions.

– Connect with a Global Alumni Community:  Joining the course will allow you to be part of a global community of over 100,000 professionals and entrepreneurs.

– Leading Accreditation: The ‘Industry Overview of Open Banking’ course is fully CPD accredited.

Senior Lecturer: 

– Paul Rohan (Head of Strategy – Finance, Google Cloud)

Contributing Lecturers: 

– Claire Calmejane (Group Chief Innovation Officer, Societe Generale)

– Paolo Sironi (Global Research Leader, IBM)

– Leon Muis (Chief Business Officer, Yolt Technology Services)

– Jitendra Tekchandani (Head of Open Banking, DBS)


Level: Foundational/Intermediate

Structure: Online self-paced learning

Duration: 2 weeks

Certificate: On successful completion you will receive a CPD accredited certificate of completion

Oxford’s AI in Finance and Open Banking programme is curated specifically for busy executives by using AI enhanced learning to speed up the process and increase effectiveness. Each week’s content incorporates video content, quizzes, exercises, peer discussion and forums to support one’s learning development. The programme curriculum is a combination understanding the potential and power of AI in the financial services industry, the emergence of Open Banking and how an AI-driven data economy is impacting Open Banking. The programme also includes a hands-on capstone project that will allow you to practically apply your learnings.


– Assisted Learning: With support provided by personal success coaches the learners can be assured of a successful learning journey.

 – Leading Academics: Oxford’s curriculum is designed and delivered by world-leading academics and innovators.

– Engaging learning Experience: Through the collaborative and peer-based education offered, learners are more engaged.


– Pinar Ozcan (Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford)

– Martin Schmalz (Associate Professor of Finance, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford)


Level: Foundational/Intermediate

Course Structure: Collaborative online learning

Cost: 2,350 GBP

Duration: 6 weeks

Certificate: On successful completion you will receive a certificate issued by the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Learn Digital Finance from Experts

This course on ‘Fintech: IoT and APIs in the Financial Industry’ from the University of Texas does not solely dive into Open Banking and APIs, but touches upon various other key concepts in fintech like IoT, Insurtech and Payments. This programme is great for those who are looking to get a good grasp of the plumbing of the financial sector  and understand the implication of these technologies on the future of finance to drive your own fintech strategy.


– Free to Start: The programme is free of cost for those who would like to familiarise themselves with the emerging trends in fintech.


– Cesare Fracassi (Associate Professor of Finance, University of Texas in Austin)


Level: Intermediate 

Course Structure: Online self-paced learning

Cost: Free to start without a certificate (A fee of 800 USD to receive a certificate of completion)

Duration: 3 weeks

Certificate: On successful completion and payments of a fees of 800 USD you will receive a certificate of completion

This two day programme on Open Banking is created by Sameer Singh Jaini, who was titled Fintech Asia’s 100 most influential individuals in Fintech in Asia by Next Money, and Shashank Shekhar, who has had years of experie. This short course is curated for professionals and entrepreneurs looking to understand the face of new-age banking opportunities like Open Banking. The course outlines the basics of Open Banking, governance frameworks, the technological architecture, prevailing business models and their impact in the banking industry.


– Learning with Use Cases: The programme includes several use cases to help grasp concepts and real-world strategies in Open Banking.


Sameer Singh Jaini (Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Digital Fifth)

Shashank Shekhar (Head of Consulting, The Digital Fifth)


Level: Advanced

Course Structure: Live online learning

Cost: Approximately 160 USD

Duration: 2 days

Which is the best Open Banking course for you?

Choosing the Open Banking course that is ideal for you requires several different elements to be taken into consideration. It depends on your experience in the subject, your objectives, needs for convenience, price range, level of education and quality of course content that you seek.


Understanding what are the most pressing goals and objectives for you and your organisation to achieve in the near future will be key in choosing the right programme. Are you looking to deliver a Open Banking project or are you just looking for a general introduction to the topic to build your awareness, asking these questions will help you understand what level of depth you are willing to dive into and the time you are willing to dedicate to learning as well.


Experience in the realm of Open Banking is another key factor. If you are just starting out on building up your knowledge in certain areas of finance from the ground up, the foundational courses will give you the expertise you require to succeed. However, if you are at the stage where you are trying to seek more thorough and high-level education, the intermediate and advanced courses would fit your needs best.


Based on the convenience you seek course choices will differ. If you are looking for something more easily accessible to begin with to start immediately, one of the online courses that are self-paced will be a better choice than in-person learning.


The length of courses also plays an important role in the decision. Short courses will be good for you to quickly brush up on concepts for general awareness, while longer courses will ensure more in-depth understanding of topics that can achieve more action-oriented outcomes in your organisation.


All-in-all, taking every point into consideration will help you make a well informed decision so you are able to take your skills to the next level and develop a successful career.

Want to dive deeper into Open Banking?

Learn the right skills and get ready for the platform revolution in finance


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