July 24, 2019

Extrapreneurship: How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

CFTE is proud to announce the launch of a new extrapreneurship programme to lead Finance 2.0. The programme, initialised as ‘CFTEx’, is an extrapreneurial framework that allows professionals to experience the decisions, constraints, and pressure faced by entrepreneurs. With its intense 8-week part-time experiential learning methodology, participants have no requirement to leave their job while developing their entrepreneurial mindset & applying their knowledge within high growth start-ups.

A new programme, it represents CFTE’s continuous efforts to achieve its objective of supporting digital transformation of financial services via education, and allows participants to apply knowledge in real-life use cases. Hundreds of existing CFTE alumni have thus far registered interest in the next intake for the programme, in addition to leading Tier 1 financial institutions & world-class universities.

Huy Nguyen Trieu, co-founder of CFTE, said

“The entrepreneur mindset is at the core of the largest organisations in  the world today, from Apple, Alibaba, Ping An and Google. It is a prerequisite and essential quality for organisations and individuals who want to thrive in today’s world of business. We developed an Extrapreneurship methodology that represents a no-compromise solution for financial professionals & their institutions to develop the necessary mindset whilst keeping their existing roles.”

Janos Barberis, Head of Entrepreneurship at CFTE, added

“We curated the top 50  startups from over 4,000 FinTechs globally. For start-ups we provide a boost in human capital to validate strategies. For learners we provide unique access to work with startups that redefine financial services and learn a more agile work methodology.”

The programme will remain open for registration throughout April 2019 and will announce the list of selected participants in May 2019. The first cohort will operate from May to July 2019 with learners working alongside startups to solve market entry strategies in Asia & Latin America, as well as client segmentation in Europe.

To read more of our leading new Extrapreneurship programme, please refer to the press release below.

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