March 31, 2021

The revolution of lifelong learning: A new framework for the State

About the Contributor:

Agnès Alazard, Co-Founder of Maria Schools

Agnès Alazard, Co-Founder of Maria Schools

Convinced that digital is an opportunity to create the innovations of tomorrow, she joined the Aufeminin Group in 2007 to accelerate its growth. She then took over as managing director and led strategic decisions until the company was acquired by the TF1 Group in 2018. Passionate about education, innovation and entrepreneurship, she created Maria Schools with the ambition to build the future of education.

Introduction to the Article

Agnès Alazard’s article is a part of the Academic and Industry Paper: The Role of the Government in Education. Her article emphasises the emergence of a global phenomenon in the last 20 years: the Digital Age. This new era reshapes every sector of society, and the life-long education system makes no exception to that reality. The whole value chain of the sector has been redesigned. Governments used to be the cornerstones of production, distribution and funding of the knowledge economy during the Fordist Age. With the world now being transformed, Agnès questions what is the role of governments in the Digital Age. This article lays down a framework that redefines the role of governments play in education.

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Agnès Alazard, Co-Founder of Maria Schools contributes to the paper - 'The role of the Government in Education'

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