Why CFTE’s eXtrapreneurship Programme is your Best Bet to Build Entrepreneurial Skills

If you are looking to build the skills and competencies to think like an entrepreneur or are determined to change the way you work for the better, CFTE’s Extrapreneurship programme is the perfect course for you. For those unaware of the revolutionary concept of ‘Extrapreneurship’, it is an idea that combines the best of both worlds – that of an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur. The goal of an Extrapreneur is to deliver current services or products, or to boost a certain metric, be it productivity, efficiency or profitability for a particular organisation, without the company contracting it to full-time staff. Thus, being an extrapreneur lets one jump into the boots of an interim-entrepreneur who is driven to problem solve and innovate and help organisations meet their goal. These organisations have a relatively sound foundation which also drastically reduces the risk of failure as compared to a start-up. Being an extrapreneur allows burgeoning entrepreneurs to get their feet wet, or seasoned intrapreneurs to spread their wings and fly with a higher chance of long-term sustainability.

What is CFTE’s Extrapreneurship Programme?

The Extrapreneurship programme is structured as a 8-week curriculum where participants work remotely, on a part time basis to solve a real-world problem statement set by a high-growth company. This year participants have the chance to work on a problem statement set by the tech giant, Uber. 

The programme is an amalgamation of 4 sprints: Understand, Design, Execute and Deliver. This structure allows participants to apply agile product development practices as they focus on delivering the final project. The exciting part of the programme is the opportunity to work collaboratively to strategically solve the problem, in groups of 5 that will comprise of leading professionals around the globe. Throughout the programme participants will have the support of experts from CFTE and executives from Uber to help bolster their innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.

What are the Advantages of CFTE’s Extrapreneurship Programme?

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

The programme will give you exposure to unforeseen challenges and opportunities in the real world of business, providing you with the knowledge you need to build your own venture or implement new strategies in your current organisation.

Learning by Doing

You will be confronted with a real problem statement of a successful startup, Uber and expected to research, analyse, test and pitch a real solution to impact their new business model.

Mastering Innovation Frameworks

To improve the speed and quality of project delivery you will have the chance to adopt innovative work tools and methodologies like design thinking, lean startup methodology and agile frameworks.

Building a Strong Team 

You get the chance to work – intensely – with senior professionals from top institutions around the world and get access to experts from CFTE and business leaders at Uber.

A Real Challenge that will Boost your Capabilities 

You will face ambiguity, steep deadlines, a new work environment and complex business issues. The programme will give you the strength and capacities to take on the next challenge in your career.

Accessing the Latest Knowledge in the Field

This programme will help you learn how rapidly expanding technology companies analyse and later solve customer pain points.

Experiencing the Thrill of Entrepreneurship Without Leaving your Job

Since the programme is designed to be delivered on a part-time basis, you have the opportunity to think and work like an entrepreneur while keeping your job. 

How Does CFTE’s Extrapreneurship Programme Compare to other Entrepreneurship Programmes?

Programme NameeXtrapreneurshipEntrepreneurship EssentialsEntrepreneurship, Venture CreationEntrepreneurial Edge


£999 (Early Bird Price)£765£2200£1850

8 weeks4 weeks6 weeks12 weeks

Time Commitment
5 hours a week (Part-time)7.5 hours a week7–10 hours a week5-8 hours a week

Exposure to a high-growth company?

Opportunity to interact with global industry experts?

Theoretical or Practical Learning?
PracticalTheoreticalTheoreticalTheoretical & Practical

Opportunity to work with global leading professionals?

If you are a professional eager to get a taste of entrepreneurship, or strive to build your own venture one day, this programme beats any other entrepreneurship programme on the market. By having the opportunity to dive into the world of a high-growth company and strategically solve complex problems, you are bound to give your business mindset a reboot. In a world where collaboration is key to gaining knowledge, the Extrapreneurship programme is designed to do just this – by encouraging team building and learning. By giving you a chance to work with leading professionals worldwide and be mentored by global industry experts, you will undoubtedly leave the programme with a wealth of knowledge. All these benefits coupled with the flexibility of completing the course part-time, gives you the right balance to focus on your job while you build the skills you need for the future. 

Are you ready to be an eXtrapreneur?

Get ready to build an arsenal of skills to champion the next disruption in business with Uber. Find out what you can expect from CFTE X Uber’s eXtrapreneurship programme! 

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