Top skills to work in Core Business Finance roles in Fintech | 2023

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Fintech jobs and FinTech industry
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What are Core Business Finance roles in Fintech?

The Core Business Finance section encompasses jobs that can be typically found in traditional financial institutions. These roles are directly involved in the core activities of the Fintech company. This is a broad category, and the types of roles vary based on the type of the organisation and their specific operations (insurance, payments, banking, wealth management…). The pay scale for these roles ranges from $52k – $169,000 per year.

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Fintech jobs

Top skills to to work in Core Business Finance roles in 2022

Core Business Finance roles in Fintech require one to be equipped in:

  1. Hard skills such as data analysis and financial knowledge.
  2. Soft skills such as customer service and communication skills.
  3. Mindset such as customer-centricity and analytical thinking.
  4. Industry knowledge such as background in Finance, Accounting, Statistics or equivalent.

Is work experience needed to work in Core Business Finance roles?

On average, these are not many entry level positions and they require some experience in the same comparable role. Graduate roles and internships are very rare as at least 2 years of experience in the same or comparable role is necessary.

How to become a Core Business Finance ideal candidate in Fintech?

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Certifications: Individuals working in core business finance roles may have bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, mathematics, business or an equivalent course is a common prerequisite.

Experience: These roles require at least 2 years + of experience. Core business finance position are quite rare in Fintech, there are definitely more opportunities of this nature in traditional financial institutions, both when it comes to more junior and senior positions. A successful candidate will have to showcase a strong passion and interest in Fintech and the specific sector in which
that organisation operates.

Skills: The right soft skills and mindsets play a role in securing positions at Fintech companies but also building your career as a core business finance roles.

Top Core Business Finance roles in Fintech

Credit analyst

The role of a credit analyst is rarely an entry-level position and requires some previous professional experience in the same or equivalent job. This is a highly analytical position and proficiency in Microsoft Excel is a minimum requirement.

Portfolio analyst

This is a position that usually requires previous experience in asset management or an equivalent role. Due to the nature of the job, a portfolio analyst should have a strong financial and data analysis skills, as well as a strong understanding of economics and market trends.


In Fintech companies, this is typically not an entry-level position, as 1-2 years of professional experience is required. Underwriting is a highly quantitative role, so being able to demonstrate strong mathematical and statistical skills is important.

Fraud analyst

This is a customer-facing role that can mostly be found in Paytech companies. A fraud analyst focuses on reviewing transactions, identifying any fraudulent activities and implementing processes that mitigate these events based on pre-identified patterns of risk.

Treasury analyst

Treasury analysts oversee cash management, funding, foreign exchange or financial management activities of their organisation. This is a highly quantitative role which revolves around analysing and interpreting financial data, forecasts, preparing and presenting reports and developing cash and asset management strategies. Specifically when it comes to Fintech companies, this role is the most relevant to challenger banks.

Claims Specialist

Depending on the seniority of the position, prior claims or general insurance experience might be required. For more senior and advanced positions a bachelor’s degree may be required, although, typically only a high school diploma or equivalent is sufficient. Strong verbal communication and investigative skills are also common must-haves. Finally, proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite and overall PC literacy are highly desirable


Typically, a higher-level education in a quantitative discipline is necessary. Being an associate or in the process of becoming an associate of IFoa or an equivalent actuarial organisation is a common requirement. This is a role that requires strong numerical and technical skills, so knowledge of R, Python, SQL as well as statistical modeling softwares are crucial.


These roles offer opportunities from entry level to senior positions with companies mostly interested with professional experience. Understanding a company’s specific needs and the skills required in your role goes a long way in switching industries or Fintech sectors for Core business finance roles. Read more at Fintech Job Report.

Fintech jobs

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