5 Best AI Executive Learning Workshops to Pivot Your Organisation

5 Best Executive Learning Workshops to Pivot Your Organisation

The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. Disruption is taking place across organisations, and companies continue launching new products based on the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology. This is the crucial moment to utilise executive education options to foster AI knowledge within the workforce and gain the opportunities presented by the new technologies.

Therefore, this guide presents an introduction to executive learning workshops and the best products on the market.

What are Executive Learning Workshops?

Executive learning workshops are specialized training sessions designed for senior-level professionals, now widely utilised to teach professionals to apply latest technologies to drive positive change and improve process efficiency within organisations. These workshops can be conducted in various formats, including in-person and online, providing flexible and accessible learning environments for busy professionals.

Here is the comprehensive list to the leading industry programs in Artificial Intelligence:

1. Bespoke AI Workshop for Senior Leaders by CFTE

Summary:  CFTE’s AI Workshop provides industry experienced practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of AI and its strategic implications specifically in the financial services industry. The AI Workshop has been designed to maximise senior leader engagement and includes discussions, demonstrations and applied projects facilitating collaboration and networking amongst the cohort. Topics cover from AI foundations, AI strategy for banks to real-world use cases of AI in finance.


  • Learn directly from those who build the ecosystem. The workshop is led by leading industry experts in AI and GenAI;
  • End-to-end pathway to the practitioners. Learn the hands-on experience with Generative AI solutions and tools;
  • Engagement reporting after the workshop. Keep learning after the workshop with the resources such as handbook, glossaries and reports provided by CFTE;
  • Learn the real-world uses cases of AI in finance. Learn how AI can transform your industry with real-life scenarios with bespoke case studies.

Key lecturers:

  • Huy Nguyen Trieu (CEO – The Disruptive Group | Co-Founder – CFTE | Associate Fellow – Oxford)
  • David Haran (Portfolio Chief Financial Officer – The CFO Centre Ireland)
  • Meaghan Johnson (Founder – Digital Magss)
  • Alvaro Rojo (Product & Venture Leader – HSBC)

And more.

Cost: Depends on the learning package

Location: Online and in-person options available

Duration: Custom duration depending on learning goals

2. AI for Business by INSEAD

Summary:  Designed to demystify Artificial Intelligence in the digital age, this course by INSEAD aims to cover the recent advances in machine learning, such as Large Language Models(LLMs) applications such as ChatGPT, as well as Generative AI applications such as DALL-E2. As a result, the workshop would enable businesses and managers in utilisation of AI technology to improve various business processes within organisations.

Advantages: Provides a strong focus on the knowledge of the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence technology, and how senior leaders can effectively manage projects utilising machine learning algorithms. 

Key lecturers:

  • Phanish Puranam (Professor of Strategy – INSEAD)
  • Theodoros Evgeniou (Professor of Decision Sciences and Technology Management – INSEAD)
  • Ville Satopaa (Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management – INSEAD)

Cost: €10,600

Location: Fontainebleau, France

Duration: 5 days

3. Digital Strategy, Analytics and AI by IMD

Summary:  Program provides participants with a comprehensive framework that integrates digital strategy with data analytics and AI, enabling them to add value in digital transformation. Using a hands-on experiential approach, the program will equip professionals with practical tools and new confidence to leverage digital strategies, analytics and AI, and create sustainable competitive advantage for the long term.

Advantages: Participants represent governments, pharma, banking, technology and manufacturing, as well as platform-based companies, thus fostering collaboration and engaging approach to learning. 

Key lecturers:

  • Mikolaj Jan Piskorski (Program Co-director – IMD),
  • Amit Joshi (Program Co-director – IMD) 

Cost: CHF 10,900

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Duration: 5 days

4. Data Science and AI for Executives by LSE

Summary:  This fast-paced, intensive programme gives participants a comprehensive, non-practitioner grounding in data science, AI and machine learning. Professionals will also explore its real-world application across business, government and law. The course gives the understanding and vocabulary to assess quantitative evidence, design big data studies and make more intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Advantages: The programme includes actionable application strategies for executives in the fields of business, government and law.

Key lecturers:

  • Pr Kenneth Benoit (Professor of Computational Social Science and Head of the LSE Data Science Institute)
  • Dr Edgar Whitley (Associate Professor of Information Systems, Department of Management – LSE)
  • Professor Sabine Benoit (Professor of Marketing – University of Surrey)

Cost: Contact LSE for pricing

Location: London, United Kingdom

Duration: 1 week

5. Data & AI for Business by HEC

Summary:  The focus is on practical application and strategic planning to leverage data science and AI for business success. Course guides participants through understanding essential concepts, identifying requisite skills and professional profiles for effective data transformation, and aligning data strategies and organisation with company objectives. Participants will also learn to define and develop a portfolio of data projects crucial for crafting their company’s broader Data Project.

Advantages: The workshop features opportunity to collaborate with peers in group projects and includes an individual assignment at the end of the course, thus strengthening learning and ability to effectively apply AI in business functions.

Key lecturers:

  • Rodolphe Zoubedi (Program advisor – HEC)

Cost: €4,000

Location: France

Duration: 2 days

What Executive Learning AI Workshop is Best for My Organisation?

The workshops listed in this guide offer a range of focused, practical, and strategic programs, tailored for senior professionals aiming to pivot their organisations towards a future driven by data and technology. Programs by LSE and IMD give a thorough overview and actionable insight into AI technology, building hard knowledge within executive professionals, while HEC opts for a generalist approach to learning and provides an introduction to machine learning systems.

Custom learning options are also available and are offered by some providers. One of those is the Bespoke AI Workshop by CFTE – designed to provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience for executive, this option can be great for organisations building a strategy for AI transformation within their processes.

Whichever executive workshop you choose, the time to act is now – and the effect of AI on the world is undeniable, so start learning to future-proof your organisation at scale.

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