The Best Fintech Courses in India: 2023 [UPDATED]

The Fintech landscape in India has experienced expedient growth in the last few years. This has led the country to rise up the ranks globally as it became one of the world’s largest fintech markets after the US, UK and China. India’s dynamic fintech landscape is currently valued at $50-$60 billion, with a potential of this value increasing three fold by 2025 to $150-160 billion, according to projections by the Boston Consulting Group and FICCI

With this supersonic growth trajectory, the Indian fintech landscape is on track to be one that will soon be flooded with newfound innovations, startups and new business models in the financial technology sphere. With the industry booming and showing no signs of abating, it comes as little surprise that many in the finance industry are looking for a career switch to Fintech and are on the lookout for qualifications to upskill themselves. To help those eager to jump in to this exciting sector, we have curated a list of the best fintech courses to take to boost your career.

Here is a list of some of the best fintech courses in India today:

1. CFTE – Fintech Foundation Course

Summary: The Fintech Foundation Course is an introductory course to learn about Fintech and digital finance from the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship. It targets finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and technologists. It has been designed in collaboration with 4 senior lecturers and 16 industry experts from across finance, to give a comprehensive breakdown of main Fintech trends in a simple and concise manner.


  • Taught in an easy-to-digest manner by 4 senior Fintech lecturers who between them have lectured at Singapore Management University, Imperial College London, Oxford University and The University of Hong Kong.
  • Industry insights from 16 top experts working in Fintech, including the Global Head of Bank Research at Citi, Global Head of Innovation at HSBC, CEO of Ping An Technology, and many more
  • Accreditation from the Institute of Banking and Finance in Singapore and CPD in the UK.
  • Be part of a global community of over 50,000 professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Events to network and free online lessons with key people in FinTech to stay updated

Key lecturers:

  • Huy Nguyen Trieu (CEO – The Disruptive Group | Co-Founder – CFTE | Associate Fellow – Oxford)
  • Andrei Kirilenko (Director – Centre for Global Finance and Technology | Imperial College London)
  • Janos Barberis (Founder – Supercharger | Head of Entrepreneurship – CFTE | Research Fellow – Hong Kong University)
  • Dan Liebau (Founder – Lightbulb Capital | Instructor Fintech & Innovation – Singapore Management University)

Key Statistics:

  • 40,000+ Learners Enrolled
  • 4 Senior Academics
  • 16 Fintech Guest Experts

Level: Beginner

Cost: £360 or 3 payments of £120 ( You can avail a 50% DISCOUNT if you are an Indian resident) 

Certificate: CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion

Study Structure/Method:

  • Course Format: 100% Online
  • Course Access: 6 months access to content from start date
  • Course Model: Instructor-Led

Grab a 50% DISCOUNT on CFTE’s Fintech Foundation Specialisation if you are an Indian resident

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2. CFTE – Fintech 360 Programme

Summary: The Fintech 360 Programme by CFTE is an online course designed for those hungry to learn, but with little time to spare. The programme is perfect for anyone from students, financial professionals, non-techies and those looking to learn more about fintech. Fintech 360 helps one build a fundamental understanding of financial technology with short 15-minute daily courses to fit the learner’s busy schedules. The programme will cover topics from Fintech, Payments, AI, Open Banking and RegTech, through a variety of formats, whether it be video lessons, interviews with experts, quizzes, real-life case studies or reading material.


  • Bite-sized Courses: You can easily fit in 15 minute bite-sized courses into your your busy daily schedule
  • Learn form top executives: You will gain knowledge directly from leading experts like Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank, Rob Frohwein, CEO & Co-Founder of Kabbage, Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Global VP for Data, Cognitive & AI at IBM, among other leading experts.
  • Gain all-rounder Knowledge: This programme will help you cover all the fundamentals of Fintech, AI in Finance, Open Banking, Payments, and RegTech
  • Learn to apply technologies on real projects: The course will help you build the right skills to identify the technologies that influence the provision of fintech and financial services, and be able to confidently apply such technologies appropriately and effectively
  • Detailed case studies: Be able to evaluate the applications of technology in financial services through relevant and detailed case studies

Key lecturers:

  • Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank
  • Rob Frohwein, CEO & Co-Founder of Kabbage
  • Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Global VP for Data, Cognitive & AI at IBM
  • Shameek Kundu, Former Chief Data Officer at Standard Chartered and Head of FS & Chief Strategy Officer at Truera
  • Ayesha Khanna, Founder & CEO of ADDO AI
  • Mellisa Guzy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Arbor Ventures

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Cost: Start learning for free with a 7-day Free Trial on CFTE’s THINK platform

Certificate: On successful completion, you will receive a sharable badge that certifies the completion of the course

Study Structure/Method:

  • Online self-paced with 30 days worth of learning content.
  • On starting the programme unlock bite-sized 15-mins videos everyday.
  • Go beyond traditional learning by interacting with experts and learners with forums and discussions. 

Discover the Fintech 360 Programme

3. Fintech Prodegree – Imarticus Learning

Summary: The first of its kind online programme for Fintech, partnering with Rise Mumbai, that provides in-depth exposure to four crucial Fintech sectors in a carefully curated curriculum that is industry-aligned. Participants will get an all-encompassing look at Fintech through the various modules, including blockchain, analytics and machine learning, robotic process automation and more.

Advantages: Programme is created in collaboration with Rise Mumbai, which was created by Barclays. Learners may also apply for an internship at Rise Mumbai or to Rise Accelerator for technical support and mentorship.

Key lecturers:

  • Manoj Kankaria (Director, Head of Market Risk, Credit Risk and Prime Brokerage Margin Technology – Barclays)
  • Dr Pradeep Bilurkar (VP, Machine Learning – Barclays)
  • Utkarsh Verma (Co-founder / COO – Algorythmix)
  • Olaf Ransome (Chief Commercial Officer – Fnality International)

Level: Beginner

Cost: Rs. 1,00,000

Certificate: Fintech ProDegree certification

Study Method: Online

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4. MBA Fintech – IILM University

Summary: This MBA course will equip learners with the ability to spot opportunities to disrupt existing financial services, examining existing and emerging technologies surrounding payments, markets, money, consumer experience and more. It also delves into the ideas and principles of frameworks around RegTech, PropTech and social inclusion.

Career Development Centre at the university will offer its support and network to help participants launch their careers. The MBA also focuses on innovation in order to cultivate talents aiming to change the environment.

Key lecturers:

  • N/A

Level: Participants should have a bachelor’s Degree in any field.

Cost: N/A

Certificate: Certificate of completion

Study Method: In person, 2-year Masters programme

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5. Advanced Programme in FinTech and Financial Blockchain (APFFB) – IIMC

Summary: The programme covers both foundational and advanced concepts in Fintech which will give learners a well-rounded view of the industry’s background as well as where it is today. The topics of data analysis, banks and financial institutions, digital payments, blockchain, crypto assets and tokens and risk management are all covered, in addition to various capstone case studies for participants to analyse.

Advantages: Suitable for management professionals at middle and senior management in the fields of banking, financial services, regulation, technology and related industries, who are looking to create or implement a Fintech strategy in their companies.

Key lecturers:

  • Saibal Chattopadhyay (Professor – IIM Calcutta)
  • Ashok Banerjee (Professor – IIM Calcutta)
  • Indranil Bose (Professor – IIM Calcutta)

Level: Participants should have a bachelor’s degree in any field or two years of working experience

Cost: Rs. 3,72,000 + GST

Certificate: Executive Programme Certificate by IIM Calcutta

Study Method: Hybrid delivery over 6 months – two campus visits and live online sessions twice weekly.

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6. Masters in Fintech – BSE Institute Limited

Summary: Learners taking the Masters in Fintech programme will be exposed to a wide range of concepts, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Internet of Things and more. A blended learning experience will combine experiential learning and case studies to offer a well-rounded course, which is continuously reviewed by a panel of industry heavyweights in order to ensure that the curriculum is up to date.

Advantages: Masters is awarded by the University of Mumbai, one of the premier institutes of higher learning in India.

Key lecturers:

  • N/A

Level: Participants should have a bachelor’s degree in any field.

Cost: Rs. 6,61,070 

Certificate: Masters certification

Study Method: In-person, two-year full-time Masters course

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7. Decoding Fintech – SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR)

Summary: Decoding Fintech is a short course that is designed for Fintech enthusiasts and working professionals aiming to understand both the business and technological aspects of Fintech. Participants will gain a multi-perspective view of Fintech as a whole at the end of the course, as well as familiar with concepts such as blockchain, AI and machine learning, cryptocurrencies, robo-advisors and more, in addition to being able to apply this knowledge in a business setting or in their companies.
Advantages: Short, two-day course is suitable for busy individuals. Discounts available for early bird and large groups of learners.
Key lecturers:

  • Prof. Vidhu Shekhar (Asst. Professor – Finance)

Level: Beginner

Cost: Rs. 25,000 + GST

Certificate: Masters certification

Study Method: In-person, two-year full-time Masters course

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Grab a 50% DISCOUNT on CFTE’s Fintech Foundation Specialisation if you are an Indian resident!

CFTE's Fintech Foundation Specialisation course

If you would like to know more about Fintech courses that can be completed online, here’s a list of some of the best options available.

Learn the skills of Fintech

Learn the skills of Fintech

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