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The Expert Perspective

In the first newsletter of 2018, we’ve launched an all-new segment called the ‘expert perspective’ where we bring you insights from the leading figures in Fintech and finance helping to build tomorrow’s world of finance.
This week, we kicked off with insights from our two co-founders…

Tram Anh Nguyen, co-founder of CFTE

Could you give everyone a short intro to yourself? 
“I’m an ex-trader who has also worked in wealth management. Quit banking to become an entrepreneur. Believe strongly in lifelong learning so started CFTE to help individuals acquire the new skills of Finance 2.0.”
How do you see finance in 10 years?
“The way banks hire and train talent will be totally different: people will be from a more diverse background. More digital natives with an adaptive and entrepreneurial mindset!”
A company you like in Fintech?
“Love Compte Nickel, for their positive social impact.”
Advice to a 20-year-old who wants to be in finance?
“Be an entrepreneur in finance and start being involved in the startup world. Great opportunities in finance 2.0.”
An important source of knowledge for you?
“In today’s rapidly changing environment, for me mindset is everything. So this great book from Adam Grant is a must read:”

Huy Nguyen Trieu, CEO of The Disruptive Group, co-founder of CFTE

Could you give everyone a short intro to yourself? 
“I build Fintech businesses and teach about strategy in finance and technology.” 
How do you see finance in 10 years?
“We will be in a world of “invisible finance” where finance will be totally integrated into our daily lives, and our financial lives will be much simpler – and better.”
A company you like in Fintech?
“Revolut, for its great user experience, and as a beautiful example of unbundling/rebundling of finance.”
Your advice to a 20-year-old who wants to be in finance?
“This is one of the most exciting times to be in finance, to create new products that have a positive impact on society, join the Fintech revolution!”
An important source of knowledge for you?
“I love the Market Mogul, for the diversity of its content and the model of having guest experts share their views. TMM is itself a disruptive startup, so a great example of how new business models (collaborative platforms, user-generated content, etc.) are transforming century-old industries. (Disclaimer: I am an investor).”
And finally an interesting article you read recently?
“I find what’s happening in cryptocurrencies fascinating – both the hype, but also the long-term potential. This article might seem quite obscure, but understanding these issues is critical to have a view on the future of finance and the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
It shows that there are a lot of models being tried out in cryptocurrencies (i.e. a decentralised exchange, which seemed like a good idea, but doesn’t work economically), that some “truths” are not actually true (i.e. transaction costs are actually very high for Bitcoin, whereas the initial vision was that it would be cheaper than traditional finance).
At the same time, we shouldn’t underestimate the long-term potential of these new technologies, since some of them will radically change the way we do finance.” 
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Learn the skills of Fintech

Learn the skills of Fintech

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