CFTE’s co-founder, Tram Anh Nguyen, awarded “Outstanding Woman FinTech Ecosystem Leader” at Asian Digital Finance Forum

CFTE’s co-founder, Tram Anh Nguyen, awarded “Outstanding Woman FinTech Ecosystem Leader” at Asian Digital Finance Forum
CFTE had the pleasure to take part in the ‘Asian Digital Finance Forum and Awards, recently hosted by the Asian FinTech Academy (AFTA). At the event, CFTE’s Co-founder, Tram Anh Nguyen was recognised for her leadership and pioneering initiatives in the fintech space to make the industry more diverse by being awarded the title, “Outstanding Woman FinTech Ecosystem Leader”.

The ‘Asian Digital Finance Forum and Awards’ was recently hosted by the Asian FinTech Academy (AFTA) in a hybrid format virtually and in-person in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  At the session, CFTE’s Co-founders also shared their insights on the developments in Fintech. Tram Anh Nguyen, CFTE’s Co-founder, shared her views on ‘the Upskilling Urgency” and the need for talent to build new skills to thrive in the future of financial services.

Douglas W. Arner, University of Hong Kong Kerry Holdings Professor in Law, Jin-Chuan Duan, National University of Singapore Jardine Cycle & Carriage Professor of Finance, Dr. Emir Hrnjic,  National University of Singapore Department of Finance Senior Lecturer, also delivered speeches virtually alongside CFTE’s Co-founder, Tram Anh Nguyen.

Tram Anh, was recognised for her work in the Fintech space and pioneering initiatives to bring diversity and more women into the industry, and was awarded the title of ‘Outstanding Woman FinTech Ecosystem Leader’.

Tram Anh strongly believes that in a world dominated by technology, people must remain at the centre of society and organizations. Hence, she co-founded CFTE in 2017 with the objectives to equip professionals and students with the skills to thrive in the new world of finance. 

She was instrumental in leading programmes that had a big social impact by empowering diverse individuals to boost their careers in Fintech. The Global Fintech Internship Experience, launched by CFTE under Tram Anh’s leadership helped 1000+ students, across 50+ countries, to learn about financial technology and acquire digital skills. She also recently lead the launch of ADGMA and CFTE’s Fintech Scholarship Programme which helped provide education in digital finance to women and diverse communities in the UAE region. Her passion to empower women to join Fintech also led her to set up a big event in the Metaverse on International Women’s Day this year

She recently also launched a book, ‘The Fintech Job Report: Technology is eating Finance’, an analysis of 40,000 jobs in Fintech, to highlight the roles and skills sought by the 225 Fintech Unicorns, to job seekers, organisations, governments, regulators and universities, understand the 

“I am honored to receive this award and would like to share it with my team and our community which are an inspiration to keep doing more for the future of financial services. A very big thank you to Asian FinTech Academy and the Sri Lanka ecosystem for their recognition.” Tram Anh Nguyen, CFTE’s Co-Founder.

The event also recognised Huy Nguyen Trieu (CFTE’s Co-Founder) with the “Outstanding Financial Innovation Visionary”. Other leading international professionals and entrepreneurs were also awarded including, Liudas Kanapienis (Lithuanian Founder and CEO, Ondato) with the “Outstanding FinTech Entrepreneur in Baltic Europe” award, Laura Guobužaite (Head, Fintech Lithuania) with the “Outstanding Woman FinTech Leader in Baltic Europe”, Takeshi Kito with the “Outstanding FinTech Leader in Japan”, Chia Hock Lai (Founding President, Singapore FinTech Association) with the “Outstanding FinTech Ecosystem Leader”, Iman Mutlaq (Jordanian Entrepreneur and Financier) with the “Outstanding Woman Financial Innovation Leader in Middle East”, Mirna Sleiman (Lebanese Founder of Fintech Galaxy) with the “Outstanding Woman FinTech Influencer in Middle East”.

The Asian Digital Finance Forum had a number of dignitaries participating at the event, including Central Bank of Sri Lanka Assistant Governor – Dharmasri Kumaratunge, People’s Bank Chairman – Sujeewa Rajapakse, Fintech Association of Japan Vice-Chair – Takeshi Kito, FreeBalance Vice President – Matthew Olivier, Fintech Association of Sri Lanka (FASL) Senior Adviser – Tissa Jayaweera, and FASL President – Rajkumar Kanagasingam.

During the event, major banks in Sri Lanka were recognized including Bank of Ceylon with the “Best People’s Banking Service Initiative”, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC with the “Best Frictionless Credit Evaluation Initiative”, Hatton National Bank PLC with the “Best IOT Initiative” and People’s Bank Sri Lanka with the “Best Mobile Electronic Payment Initiative”.

CFTE congratulates Rajkumar Kanagasingam, President of the Sri Lanka Fintech Association and the Asian FinTech Academy (AFTA) for organising such an amazing event and to all the awardees for their amazing work.

About AFTA:

AFTA conducts Executive Programs on FinTech, Blockchain, Digital Assets and Artificial Intelligence in Finance, based on the FinTech course of The University of Hong Kong(HKU), at Hilton Colombo. AFTA also facilitates Certifications on FinTech, Blockchain, Digital Finance, AI in Finance from the US based International Board of Standards (IBS).

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Learn the skills of Fintech

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