Real-Estate In The Metaverse, CFTE’s First Report Launched

From Metaverse to Web3, the digital future is evolving. CFTE’s latest report on ‘Real Estate in the Metaverse’, is one of the first key pieces of research into understanding virtual real estate and changing consumer behaviours. The concept is explained through the example of one of the major virtual worlds, the Sandbox, and a heatmap of all the land transactions within.

There is no doubt that digital assets have witnessed a fast adoption, with hundreds of millions holding cryptocurrency wallets and more than $20bn of Non Fungible Tokens transacted in 2021. Consumer behaviour is therefore slowly changing and the idea of living part of one’s life in a virtual world seems closer to reality than science fiction now.

One particular virtual piece of “land” grew by 15,000% last year, with 65,000 transactions in virtual land totalling $350 million in 2021. It’s called ‘the Sandbox’. CFTE’s report aims to analyse land prices in the Metaverse, dive into the journey of digital assets in Sandbox, rovide insights into the transformation from physical world to digital world and help the community to understand the change of consumer behaviour.

You can now download CFTE’s Real Estate in the Metaverse Report to understand how the virtual world is evolving and opportunities for organisations, governments, regulators, and universities in the Metaverse.

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