Technology is Eating Finance: 80% of jobs in Fintech are roles of tech companies

Tech is eating finance - 80% of jobs in Fintechs are those found in Tech companies - CFTE's Fintech Job Report 2021
Fintech jobs

Fintech is the culmination of two words: Finance and Technology. However, despite what most might believe, our research shows that Fintech companies are much closer to Tech companies, not only in terms of business structure, but also job prospects.

80% of the Jobs in Fintech are Roles of Tech Companies

There are currently over 40,000 Fintech job postings worldwide and on average, 80% of the job positions are roles of Tech companies, not Finance. In the Fintech Job Report, we differentiate between the roles of Tech companies and Finance companies. Roles of Tech companies include typical “tech jobs”, such as software engineering or IT, but also marketing or partnerships. Roles of Finance companies are roles usually found in banks and financial institutions, such as Risk and Compliance. 

Depending on the Fintech sector, this split between types of roles can vary, however, it is clear that the vast majority of Fintech jobs resemble those of Tech companies. In sectors such as Blockchain, Finance roles are few and far between – only 5% of the total jobs. Insurtech is a Fintech sector in which Finance roles such as actuaries have the highest representation – 35%, which is still the minority. 

The Structure and Culture of Fintech Companies

Fintechs mirror Tech companies when it comes to the nature of jobs, but also culture and structure. 

In respect to structure, Fintech companies are much smaller and therefore have flatter structures. Visa, the largest Fintech company in terms of size and market capitalization, has 20,000 employees, JP Morgan, which is valued at around $490Bn – similar to Visa, employs 255,000. 

The fact that Fintech companies are much smaller in size than its more traditional counterparts reflects not only in their ability to be more flexible in terms of their business operations, but also culture. Fintech companies place a lot of importance on the candidate’s ability to fit into their fast-paced and dynamic culture. Our research for the Fintech Job Report showed that besides hard skills and experiences – things one can easily display on their CV, having the right mindset and soft skills is essential. Some of the most recurring ones were: communication, collaboration, self-learning, adaptability or independence.

To learn more about the landscape of jobs in Fintech and gain an insight on the necessary skills to succeed in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry, download the world’s first Fintech Job Report.

Fintech jobs

Learn the skills of Fintech

Learn the skills of Fintech

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