Top skills to work in IT & Operations in Fintech | 2023

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Fintech jobs and FinTech industry
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What is IT & Operations in Fintech?

IT & Operations are in charge of managing, monitoring and maintaining a company’s infrastructure. They also refine the way IT approaches services, deployment and support to promote consistency, reliability and quality of service. The pay scale for IT & Operations range from $51k to $115k per annum. Qualifications for these roles include undergraduate degrees for the junior roles while the more senior roles rely more on the experience in the field apart from the certifications.

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Top skills to to work in IT & Operations in 2022

IT & Operations roles in Fintech require one to be equipped in:

  1. Hard skills such as service operations, device and network administrations.
  2. Soft skills such as time management, attention to detail and cross functional collaboration.
  3. Mindset such as being proactive, forward thinker, willingness to learn and ability to identify then solve problems.
  4. Industry Knowledge such as Fintech Acumen, knowledge of data protection and legislation depending on the specific role in IT & Operations.

Is work experience needed to to work in IT & Operations?

Experience in similar roles are quite important in Fintech or tech companies. However, these alone are not enough as certifications in the specific roles mostly sought after in job descriptions.

How to become an IT & Operations ideal candidate in Fintech?

Certifications: Undergraduate degree in finance or operations is required. Additional certifications depend on the company hiring or seniority level.

Experience: Experience in similar roles across industry are quite sought after especially in risk, fraud management or business operations which may require a candidate being aware of the company’s operations or the industry knowledge.

Skills: While hard skills and industry knowledge is important in getting interviews and jobs. Soft skills and mindsets go a long way in building your Fintech career.

Top IT & Operations jobs in Fintech

Consumer Operations

This is typically not an entry level position and generally requires some experience with databases, finance, marketing and customer service.

Insurance Operations

Previous work experience is key in this position and key requirements are experience in developing project plans and data analytics.

Fraud Operations

This is normally not an entry level role but the emphasis is more on practical and professional experience. Experience in customer service, risk and Fraud management are the basic requirements for these roles.

Business Operations

These roles may be entry level and require practical knowledge of data analysis using SQL, Python, R with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Math, computer Science, Economic or Finance.

Operational Risk

Prior experience in Fintech, financial services or banking are highly sought after in these roles. Additionally, data analysis, operational risk governance and risk management skills are important qualifications for these roles.


These roles offer opportunities from entry level to senior positions. Understanding a company’s specific needs goes a long way in switching industries or Fintech sectors for IT & Operations. Read more here Fintech Job Report.

Learn the skills of Fintech

Learn the skills of Fintech

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