Top skills to work in Risk & Compliance roles in Fintech | 2023

Fintech jobs and FinTech industry

What are Risk & Compliance roles in Fintech?

The pay scale for the risk and compliance roles ranges from $73k-$173k per year. Individuals in these roles should have substantial experiences handling regulatory and legal issues related to Fintech and Financial Services. Additionally, having a strong foundation of legal knowledge and an understanding of regulatory frameworks, licensing and applications, compliance and enforcement matters or privacy and cybersecurity is crucial in making sure that risk is managed appropriately.

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Fintech jobs

Top skills to to work in Risk and Compliance roles in 2022

Risk and Compliance roles in Fintech require one to be equipped in:

  1. Hard skills such as Finance operation and database operations.
  2. Soft skills such as active listening skills and cross-functional collaboration.
  3. Mindset such as proactive and forward thinker.
  4. Industry knowledge such as experience in different regulatory frameworks both nationally and internationally

Is work experience needed to work in Risk and Compliance?

Risk & compliance roles typically require a bachelor’s degree in Law and about 5-15 years of experience for more senior positions. For entry level roles and internships, an ongoing bachelor’s degree is acceptable.

How to become a Risk and Compliance ideal candidate in Fintech?

Fintech jobs and FinTech industry

Certifications: Individuals working in these roles are required to have bachelor’s/masters or PhD degree in relevant subjects.

Experience: Risk & compliance roles typically require a bachelor’s degree in Law and about 5-15 years of experience for more senior positions. For entry level roles and internships, an ongoing bachelor’s degree is acceptable.

Skills: The right soft skills and mindsets play a role in securing positions at Fintech companies but also building your career as a risk and compliance officer.

Top Risk and Compliance roles in Fintech

Compliance Officer

Compared to pure Finance companies, a compliance analyst working in Fintech may work closely with the Engineering or Data department to implement automated compliance tools. Hence, an interest and passion for technology holds great importance.

Risk Intelligence Engineer

Previous relevant work experience includes working on large scalable database platforms as well as designing and implementing data models specifically for Fintech and Financial Services. Strong technical skills are a strict requirement, moreover good time management and organisational skills. This is typically not an entry level position.

Privacy & Compliance Engineer

This is not an entry level position and requires previous experience in software engineering that allowed for great exposures to a variety of programming languages. Passion for security, privacy and compliance or experience in highly regulated industries are often an advantage. The ability to understand Data Privacy regulations constitutes to an advantage.

Fraud Officer

In Fintech companies this is a crucial role to comply with regulations and avoid reputational damages for companies that are typically building up their reputation. In addition, in order to identify fraud efficiently basic coding skills are required to develop automated solutions.

AML Officer

An Anti-Money Laundering officer implements the company AML policy to ensure that the company is not exposed to criminal risk by inadvertently facilitating financial crime. This role, often required by law, is crucial for Fintech companies that often aim to hire experienced AML given that their core business might be easily used with bad intentions.

Financial Crime Officer

Financial Crime Officers identify, assess and mitigate financial crime risks. They assist in the development of mitigation solutions while collaborating with the Compliance officer, Legal Department and Product Management team. As for the Compliance officer, Financial Crime team heads often collaborate with external stakeholders such as Regulators of Government authorities. In Fintech companies this role often requires strong technical skills especially when it comes to databases or Data Analysis.

Cyber Fraud Investigator

Typically this role requires at least 3 years of relevant experience in the Information Security field, proficiency in data analysis and databases, knowledge of security frameworks, network infrastructure and AML regulations. Tech skills and the ability to communicate effectively at multiple levels are crucial skills for this role. Due to very frequent cyber-attacks, cyber fraud investigation is a role that helps protect the company reputation and credibility with external stakeholders.

Regulatory Policy Officer

Regulatory Policy Officers identify compliance obligations based on financial regulations. In certain circumstances, they liaise with external stakeholders such as regulators. Fintech companies often do not have the necessary know-how when it comes to the regulatory environment, hence this role is crucial to their success and competitiveness.

Technical Program Manager

A Technical Product Manager manages cross-functional product security projects while developing and improving Compliance Program documentation procedures. In Fintech companies, one of the roles a Technical Programme Manager holds is to reduce the Compliance burden for Engineers while partnering with cross-functional teams within Engineering, Risk And Compliance, Product and Finance.


These roles offer opportunities from entry level to senior positions with companies mostly interested with professional experience. Understanding a company’s specific needs and the skills required in your role goes a long way in switching industries or Fintech sectors for Risk and Compliance roles. Read more at Fintech Job Report.

Fintech jobs

Learn the skills of Fintech

Learn the skills of Fintech

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