Why should you take Fintech Masters at Singapore?

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If banking, finance and technology had a baby, it would be Fintech. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the fintech industry to become one of the most interesting and highest-paying job opportunities in the world. It is booming around the world, including Singapore (the tech heart of Asia). With this huge demand, they require fintech experts to work on these smart development and blockchain engineering projects. Global investment in FinTech has been so active in recent years that the Monetary Authority of Singapore has launched an initiative, the FinTech and Innovation Group, and pledged to spend hundreds of millions of Singapore dollars to develop the FinTech sector in Singapore. That is why it is good to learn the fintech foundation skills for growing entrepreneurs to create potential unicorn fintech startups.

But Is it Worth Working in Fintech?

If you are into digital innovative ideas to improve financial services… then yes!! Traditional companies like DBS and OCBC are now taking part of this new momentum and are integrating to produce digital payment services and features such as Paylah and Paynow! Those organisations will have extend subsidiaries that focus on migrating to tech. We are seeing this improvement as well in physical banks from SMS-Queeue Numbers to automate ATM Machines. Also salary ranges from S$104,000 to S$108,000 for Fintech jobs in Singapore. You can find various Fintech jobs at various job sites such as Jobstreet and Glassdoor. To get you started on moving towards this digital path, below are a few suggestions for the top master programmes in Singapore to study Fintech.

Here are the Top 5 Master in Financial Technology Programme:

National University of Singapore (NUS): Msc in Digital Financial Technology

Total Duration/Total Fee = 18 Months (Full-time)/S$62,000

This new flagship graduate programme in FinTech is designed to help students build a strong foundation in computing and finance, and features a range of elective modules organised along 3 tracks: Computing Technologies, Financial Data Analytics and Intelligence, and Digital Financial Transactions and Risk Management. The programme is intended primarily to help prepare graduates for challenging but rewarding careers as AI software developers, data scientists, FinTech security specialists, financial quantitative analysts and other similar professions in financial institutions or FinTech firms

Nanyang Technology University (NTU): Msc in Financial Technology

Total Duration/Total Fee = 12 Months (Full-time)/S$55,000

The Master of Science in FinTech hosted by the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The curriculum is built on Data Science, AI, and IT, and provides students with the FinTech skills necessary to navigate the changing landscape of the finance industry. Students will choose a specialisation either Digital Financial Services (DFS) or Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) that will help to develop in-depth mastery of disruptive technologies in finance, including financial automation, financial cryptography, and digital financial service.

Singapore Management University (SMU): The Master of IT in Business (FTA) Financial Technology & Analytics Track

Total Duration/Total Fee = 12 Months (Full-time) & 24 Months (Part-time)/S$51,360

The industry-acclaimed MITB Financial Technology & Analytics (FTA) programme prepares and develops graduates and professionals with the financial technology and analytics skills that are highly demanded by the world of finance. The courses involved specialisation in Analytics Technology & Applications, Fintech, Digital Transformation, IT Management and a practicum that involve either doing an internship or capsule project. Students must complete and pass a total of 15 Course Units (CUs) with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 to graduate with the MITB degree. Scholarships and discounts are available as well for locals and foreign applicants.

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) & Goldsmith, University of London: Msc in Data Science and Financial Technology

Total Duration/Total Fee = 24 Months (Part-time)/S$41,600

This innovative programme will provide graduates with in-demand quantitative and analytical skills necessary to embark on a successful career in FinTech or in the financial services sector. The Data Science and Financial Technology programme combines the technology from big data and analytics, mobile computing and modern financial services. Goldsmiths’ Computing Department believes that the critical factor in the study is learning by doing and experimenting. The required modules and an applied project will allow the student to gain a strong foundation of knowledge, as well as practical experience and the opportunity to tailor learning to meet individual career ambition.

Amity Global Institute Singapore & University of Stirling: Msc of Science in Financial Technology

Total Duration/Total Fee = 12 Months (Full-time)/S$20,000

MSc Financial Technology aims to give you the knowledge and skills required to work in the new and emerging fintech sector. You’ll be taught innovation management techniques to immediately make a difference in any organisation or company you work for. Graduates will be able to design and implement software applications that will take advantage of the new open banking regulations. You will be able to gain data analytics and machine learning skills required by new data driven models of financial services provision. The course is delivered via lectures, seminars, workshops, business games (debates), practical projects and independent study to support learning and increase employability.


if you do not have the time, that is completely understandable! Working as a professional for a full-time job takes much commitment and balancing with Masters may be difficult. There are more flexible options as well to learn Fintech such as joining e-learning CFTE certified Fintech courses. CFTE is a well-known UK Fintech Specialisation Course toolkit covering from Payments in Digital Finance to Open Banking and Artificial Intelligence where you will be taught by professionals and experts from the financial and tech service industries. Plus we are offering 80-90% subsidy for the Courses listed above to Singaporean Residents and Permanent Residents. For Non-Singaporean citizens, there are available discounts, even options for a monthly instalment and bundle packages for flexible payments.

OverviewMasters in FintechCFTE Fintech Courses
CostS$20,000 – S$65,000S$250 (After 80-90% subsidy)
Duration1-2 Years3 Months
Difficulty LevelModerateEasy


Overall, fintech jobs is the new thing and area that is going to stay and grow for years to come.  Many fintech companies are small start-ups so business and entrepreneurial skills are important.  Fintech is a disruptive technology, bringing great changes to the ways that banks and insurance companies operate. Click here if you want to find out about other fintech courses in Singapore. You can also find out the top fintech-ranking companies here.

Learn the skills of Fintech

Learn the skills of Fintech

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