CFTE and Ngee Ann Polytechnic announce the release of their new and updated AI in Finance online course

London, Singapore,14th May, 2021 – CFTE and Ngee Ann Polytechnic are proud to announce the launch of their new and updated online course “AI in Finance”, which builds on the first edition that has been widely adopted by financial institutions and professionals around the world. The updated specialisation provides fresh insights and knowledge from leading experts to keep learners one step ahead of the curve. 

Since 2020, artificial intelligence developments across industries have sped up. In particular, the banking and financial services industry have been compelled to digitally transform and adopt new ways of working with artificial intelligence. With the winds of change accelerating, financial institutions are ramping up investments to keep up. According to Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) research, 86% of Financial Services executives plan on increasing their AI-related investments through 2025. 

Along with these swift changes, AI’s capabilities are also opening up newfound opportunities for innovation, efficiency and growth. To help professionals capitalise on these advancements, CFTE and NP, have updated their flagship specialisation, “AI in Finance” to keep pace with industry changes while also offering a learning experience that is a cut above any other in the market.

“We’re delighted to announce the release of our new and updated AI in Finance Specialisation that has been co-designed with NP. After putting in hundreds of hours of research and expert interviews, we are proud to have finally launched a high-calibre course that meets the industry’s rising standards. The world is always changing, and to help professionals propel their careers forward with the most-up-to-date knowledge and skills lies at the heart of our mission,”, said Mr Huy Nguyen Trieu and Ms Tram Anh Nguyen, co-founders of CFTE.

“We are pleased to partner with CFTE to revamp the AI in Finance programme to equip professionals with the necessary capabilities to thrive in a post-COVID world. Since the launch of the first edition in 2018, we have seen more than 2,500 participants taking the course locally and globally. This signals a strong interest from professionals, especially those from the finance industry, to prepare themselves for AI-related jobs of the future. Looking ahead, we are committed to continue working with the industry to upskill professionals with in-demand tech skills to enable them to seize exciting opportunities across the growing digital economy,”, says Ms Tan Ching Ching, Director of the Sandbox at NP.

The AI in Finance Specialisation has two leading Programme Directors – Huy Nguyen Trieu, the Co-founder of CFTE and Ching Ching Tan, the Director of The Sandbox at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

To help learners grasp real-world skills, the programme is taught by world-leading industry practitioners like:

  • Ayesha Khanna (Founder & CEO, ADDO AI)
  • Huy Nguyen Trieu (Co-founder CFTE) 
  • Stephan Murer (Former Global CTO, UBS)
  • Winnie Cheng (Director of the AI Lab, PWC)
  • Philip Watson (Head of the Global Investment Lab & CIO, Citi) 
  • Jon Ng (General Manager, Technology & Innovation, New World Development Company Limited)

The new and updated specialisation aims to take this ‘industry-focused learning’ a step further by adding new experts to provide state-of-the-art expert interviews, helping learners now gain insights from 18 top leaders who include: 

  • Ned Philips (Founder & CEO, Bambu Robo advisory)
  • Marcin Detyniecki (Head of Research & Development, Group Chief Data Scientist, AXA)
  • Janet Yuen (Global Head of Conversational Banking, HSBC)
  • Anant Bhardwaj (Founder & CEO, Instabase)
  • Jean-Philippe Desbiolles (Global VP for Data, Cognitive & AI, IBM)
  • Shameek Kundu (Head of Financial Services & Chief Strategy Officer, Truera)
  • Siew Kai Choy (Director & Board Member, Factset)
  • Ramneek Gupta (Founder & Managing Partner, Pruven Capital)
  • David Hardoon (Senior Advisor for Data & AI, Union Bank)
  • Frank Chen (Senior Software Engineer, Google)
  • Rand Hindi (Chief Executive Officer, Zama)
  • Gurjeet Singh (Founder & CEO, Thread Robotics)
  • Cao Yang (Research Director, Sense Time)
  • Erkin Adylov (CEO & Founder, Behavox)
  • Diane Nolan (Managing Director, Accenture)
  • Catherine Havasi (Co-Founder and Board Advisor, Luminoso)
  • Martin Markiewicz (Co-founder & CEO, Silent Eight)
  • Shonali Krishnaswamy (Chief Technology Officer, AIDA Technologies)

The specialisation also has new topical updates that covers the acceleration of digitalisation due to COVID-19, new technologies, the evolving role of the government, ethics in AI and the development of an AI ecosystem

The programme is also reconfigured to improve one’s learning and development journey through improvements in the learning methodology and materials. The programme now offers bite-sized learning, engaging exercises and activities, a comprehensive course handbook and downloadables, the most up-to-date readings and use cases. The programme’s uniqueness can also be attributed to the  restructuring of content with more optional learning resources categorised by interest verticals like compliance and wealth management, to help tailor the course to one’s learning goals and interests.

All-in-all, the convergence of these updates aims to offer an enhanced learning experience with an aim to boost learner attention, knowledge retention and relevance in a rapidly transforming AI world. This makes the programme an ideal choice for all professionals looking to get a comprehensive understanding of the right foundations to be part of the AI revolution in Finance.

About Ngee Ann Polytechnic:

Ngee Ann Polytechnic started in 1963 and is today one of Singapore’s leading institutions of higher learning with 15,000 enrolled students in over 30 disciplines. It seeks to develop students with a passion for learning, values for life, and competencies to thrive in a global workplace.

About CFTE:

The Centre for Finance, Technology & Entrepreneurship (CFTE) is a high-impact education platform that helps professionals build the necessary skills to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry. CFTE also partners with Governments, Regulators and the largest Financial Institutions, to bridge the gap between finance, technology and innovation by helping talent build skills through our leading training programmes. CFTE is an education platform that is created by the industry, for the industry – helping learners get cutting-edge insights from those at the forefront of financial services. CFTE is headquartered in London, and has presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Luxembourg, and Paris. CFTE helps companies and individuals across the globe build their knowledge in Financial Technology, whilst simultaneously supporting their digital transformation process.

Learn the skills of Fintech

Learn the skills of Fintech

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If you are looking for rich insights into how the Financial Technology arena is transforming from within, we can help you get the latest knowledge that will stir things up in your career. CFTE offers leading online programmes in digital finance, covering an expanse of topics like – Payments, AI, Open Banking, Platforms, Fintech, Intrapreneurship and more, that will help you conquer the financial technology landscape. With this expertise at your disposal, you will be on track to turbocharge your career.

You will be learning from a curated line-up of industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs hailing from Fortune 500 companies and Tech Unicorns, among others. They will each be presenting their knowledge and experience in the field of digital finance. No matter if you are embarking on a new journey or fortifying your role, these lecturers and guest experts will guide you through the perspective of established institutions like – Starling Bank, Wells Fargo, tech giants like – Google, IBM, successful startups such as – Kabbage or Plaid, among many more!