CFTE Celebrates Women in Fintech

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With Experts Teaching Fintech and CFTE’s Co-Founder Tram Anh Nguyen

Empowerment. Opportunities. Leadership. These are some of the aspects that women in Fintech, and a plethora of other industries, strive to achieve today. While the current Fintech landscape has come a long way from its lopsided gender balance, we still have a long way to go. Women today are turbocharged to break through the glass ceiling and reach the pinnacle of their capabilities. All we need to do now is give them a chance! We need to normalise inclusion and diversity across the Fintech landscape so it’s no longer just an anomaly. 

The big questions that this raises now is – How do we transform Fintech to be more inclusive and diverse? How do we encourage more women to get into Fintech? 

At CFTE, we are driven to transform these questions into actionable strategies. 

One of CFTE’s missions is to ensure women are able to leverage access to education, effectively ensuring that they are able to adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing FinTech industry. And also it is through continuous education that women are able to empower themselves to break the glass ceiling. Today, it is a celebration to those who have been helping us to bring expert knowledge to the community, I would like to thank them”

Tram Anh Nguyen, the Co-founder at CFTE.

We also seek to provide equal representation for all across our online education programmes such as – AI in Finance, FinTech Foundation, Open Banking, Payments and Extrapreneurship, by ensuring that gender diversity is ‘alive and kicking’ amongst the pool of industry experts hired as educators.

An Industry Snapshot

As a part of CFTE #IWD21 #Choosetochallenge100 campaign, I would like to share a few key facts so we can evaluate the true state of the Fintech industry with women at the center of it.  Here’s what’s happening: 

  • The global fintech founder community is still dominated by men, with women making up just 7% of the total pool according to Deloitte.
  • In the UK women receive just 3% of VC funding in the Fintech sector according to Innovate Finance’s annual Venture Capital Investment Report.
  • Women’s representation is dropping to just 19 per cent at C-suite level in the Fintech ecosystem according to a 2018 LendIt survey.

In a world where we claim we have achieved great success in combating inequality, these figures are certainly a reality check. It’s time to re-evaluate our game plan and encourage a women empowered world of Fintech.

Celebrating Female Trailblazers in Fintech and Finance

We are passionate about playing our part in the global agenda for diversity and inclusion. In this capacity, we give women leaders in FinTech, a platform to be heard. We spent a lot of time looking for exceptional women experts in Fintech who love to teach. CFTE’s team and I would like to celebrate these trailblazers who are transforming the industry in Financial Services, as well as those who are changing the face of Fintech.

To celebrate these Inspirational female Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Executives and Leaders, that are carving out a new path for the next wave of female pioneers in Fintech, we applaud these women that are the epitome of true change makers.

They all share a common goal to bring expertise and knowledge to everyone. Together with the whole industry in finance and in Fintech, we’d like to celebrate them and their achievements. 

We’re very proud of the diversity we foster at CFTE, with our team and our community. In a world that needs to be re-built, it’s essential that we leverage diverse experiences, points of views and perspectives, wherever they come from. Thanks to all of these incredible women that are trailblazers in #education, preparing those who want to join the future of finance.

Our female leaders have embarked on a journey to use the power of education to train a new generation of finance professionals to adapt to a world of technology-driven finance, and to equip them with skills to thrive in this period of steep change, and we aren’t slowing down any time soon.

Meet the women carving out a new path for the next wave of female pioneers in Fintech.

Alice Newton-Rex

Director of Product at WhatsApp

Alice teaches Fintech at CFTE

Andrea Dunlop

International Executive Payments Industry, Angel investor and non-executive Director

Andrea teaches payments at CFTE

Anna Maj

Fintech Leader

Anna teaches Open Banking, AI and Conversational AI at CFTE

Anne Boden

CEO of Starling Bank

Anne teaches Fintech at CFTE

Ayesha Khanna


Ayesha teaches AI at CFTE

Cao Yang

Research Director at Sensetime

Cao teaches AI at CFTE

Catherine Havasi

Co-Founder of Luminoso

Cantherine teaches AI at CFTE

Christina Nesheva

Co-founder and Director, Hive Innovation Unit at ViiV Healthcare

Christina teaches Intrapreneurship at CFTE

Claire Calmejane

Chief Innovation Officer at Societe Generale

Claire teaches Fintech and Open Banking at CFTE

Diane Nolan

Managing Director – Financial Services – Capital Markets at Accenture

Diane teaches AI at CFTE

Ebi Atawodi

Head of Product, Payments at Uber

Ebi teaches Payments at CFTE

Frankie Tam

Managing Director – Financial Services – Capital Markets at Accenture

Frankie teaches Open Banking at CFTE

Gabriela Guibourg

Head of Analysis and Policy, Payments Department at Riksbanken at Sveriges riksbank

Gabriela teaches Payments at CFTE

Georgie Smallwood

Chief Product Officer at Tier Mobility

Georgie teaches Payments at CFTE

Grace Chong

Of Counsel at Simmons & Simmons JWS

Grace teaches Payments at CFTE

Grete Ovrebo

Head of Financial Services at

Grete teaches Conversational AI at CFTE

Kim Ford

SVP, Government Relations at Fiserv

Kim teaches Payments at CFTE

Liz Oakes

Executive Vice President at Mastercard

Liz teaches Open Banking at CFTE

Magdalene Loh

Head of Innovation at Prudential Singapore

Magdalene teaches Intrapreneurship at CFTE

Melissa Guzy

Co- Founder and Managing Partner of Arbor Ventures

Melissa teaches Fintech at CFTE

Sandra Alzetta

Vice President, Global Head of Payments at Spotify

Sandra teaches Payments at CFTE

Scarlett Sieber

Managing Director, CCG & Contributor at Forbes.

Scarlett teaches Fintech at CFTE

Secil Watson

EVP, Digital Solutions for Business at Wells Fargo

Secil teaches Open Banking at CFTE

Serey Chea

Director General at National Bank of Cambodia

Serey teaches Payments at CFTE

Shonali Krishnaswamy

Chief Technology Officer at AIDA Technologies

Shonali teaches AI at CFTE

Sophie Guibault

Chief Growth Officer at OpenPayd

Sophie teaches the Future of Finance at CFTE

Tanya Andreasyan

MD & Editor-in-Chief, FinTech Futures

Tanya teaches Fintech at CFTE

Winnie Cheng

Director, AI Lab PWC

Winnie teaches AI at CFTE

Thank you to all the wonderful women experts teaching Fintech!

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