CFTE Launches RegTech Specialisation to Make Compliance Easier for Financial Professionals

London, Aug 31, 2022 – CFTE announces a new specialisation on RegTech consisting of 5 courses. The programme covers a broad range of areas within compliance including the RegTech market landscape, KYC/AML, digital regulatory reporting, SupTech and data regulations. The RegTech specialisation adds to CFTE’s extensive range of Fintech online courses to equip finance professionals with the right skills to thrive in the new era of digital finance. 

  • The RegTech market is predicted to grow to $23.76 billion in 2026, and is set to transform the way firms do compliance and how regulators supervise the financial sector in the future
  • CFTE launched a new specialisation in Regulatory Technology in Finance (RegTech) on the 30th of August 2022
  • The RegTech specialisation is designed to help finance professionals become more data-driven in using technology in compliance such as for regulatory reporting, KYC/AML, data security and regulation, etc.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the world has learned to become regulated. On top of that, cybersecurity risks and increased frauds arising from technological developments such as blockchain, crypto and fintech, are creating an increasingly complex compliance environment for the finance industry. Meanwhile, mass adoption of digital financial services leads to massive, or even infinite, amounts of data to be monitored. It is clear more supervision is needed beyond human capabilities. This is where the promises of RegTech lie. 

The RegTech market that aims to automate regulatory compliance is set to become a game changer for the financial sector. Its market capitalization is predicted to grow to $23.76 billion in 2026, a three-fold increase relative to 2021. A likely focus shift by financial firms to RegTech would lead to a huge demand for digitally adept professionals. Hence RegTech becomes a new set of skills necessary to be acquired by all financial employees across many core bank functions of research, risk management and compliance. 

In that context, CFTE is launching the world’s first and most comprehensive programme on RegTech to provide knowledge to professionals and the skills for them to grow in the new era of finance. Through this specialisation, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of real world applications of digital technology in the sphere of data regulations and risk management across the financial world. 

The RegTech Specialisation

CFTE’s exhaustive curriculum of the RegTech specialisation is divided into 5 courses: 

  1. RegTech Foundations 
  2. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Client Onboarding
  3. RegTech for Regulators & SupTech 
  4. Digital Regulatory Reporting 
  5. Data Regulation

Led by industry experts whose backgrounds range from company executives, start-up founders to academic professors, these courses help learners grasp diverse real world applications of RegTech developments within financial institutions, large organisations and regulatory bodies. 

  • Programme directors’ Janos Barberis and Douglas Arner teach the foundations of RegTech. Supercharger Ventures’ co-founder and Hong Kong University’s Kerry Holdings Professor in Law, respectively, will lay the foundations in RegTech, that any professionals in the financial sector must know. 
  • Claus Christensen teaches AML/KYC and Client Onboarding. The Co-Founder and CEO of award winning RegTech company, Know Your Customer, will deliver his years of experience and successful frameworks for implementing the latest technologies.
  • Simone di Castri teaches Regtech and Suptech for Regulators. The CEO of Digital Transformation Solutions will provide an understanding of how regulators around the world are adopting RegTech to improve their supervisory functions.
  • Subbaiyan Vaithinathan teaches Digital Regulatory Reporting. The Head of Product Management at Wolters Kluwer will deliver his knowledge on data centric approaches and reconciliation techniques in the digital reporting processes.
  • Tyler Aveni teaches Data Regulation. WeBank’s former Head of International Partnerships will be instructing participants about risk data aggregation requirements and enterprise data management (EDM).

Covering aspects from data privacy, cybersecurity, AML/KYC solutions, digital regulatory reporting to supervisory technology, the specialisation trains finance professionals to upskill and make better informed strategic decisions in their own role. CFTE’s belief of enhancing compliance education with a digital focus would contribute to a safer, secure and transparent financial sector.

More Details 

This online specialisation is self-paced and requires no prerequisite. Upon course completion, participants will receive a shareable certificate. CFTE is currently running an early bird promotion, offering a 20% discount for the first two weeks. The programme is priced at £600 and can be purchased through instalments options to fit participants’ learning pace. The RegTech specialisation joins the broad set of courses that CFTE offers in Fintech, AI, Open Banking, Payments and Blockchain in a mission to educate the next generation of disruptive and digital-first professionals in finance.

What’s Next

This course aims to take the thinking of RegTech further amid strong synergy in the sector. That is why, CFTE will be organising a 5x5x5: The Future of RegTech debate on October 4th where lecturers of the specialisation will be sharing what they think is the biggest, upcoming trend in RegTech. Only 100 participants will be able to attend live and vote for the best idea – so stay tuned.


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