November 27, 2020

CFTE partners with Uber for Q1 2021 edition of Extrapreneurship Programme

Uber has partnered up with the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) for the next edition of CFTE’s Extrapreneurship programme. As part of the programme, professionals enrolled in it will be working for 8 weeks to resolve the problem statement Uber will present to them.

CFTE has partnered with Uber for the next edition of CFTE’s Extrapreneurship programme. The Extrapreneurship Programme allows working professionals to experience the decisions, constraints and ways of working of fast-growing companies. With its intense 8-week part-time experiential learning methodology, participants have no requirement to leave their job while developing their entrepreneurial mindset and applying their knowledge in the context of technology companies and high growth startups. The programme has been created for those who want to think like entrepreneurs and work on high impact topics.

Participants of the Q1 2021 edition of Extrapreneurship will be working on a case set by Uber, one of the largest platforms in the world present in 69 countries, and a pioneer in mobility, delivery, freight and self-driving cars. 

The Extrapreneurship programme with Uber will revolve around digital payments – one of the fastest growing sectors in financial services – and will require the teams to work on go-to-market strategies, detailed implementation plans and product-market fit. 

The programme is open to those who want to “think like an entrepreneur” in a fast-growing sector. Pre-requisites include a foundational understanding of payment infrastructure.* Participants would also benefit from a general knowledge of the Fintech industry, as well as on the evolution of technology and business model of payments. 

Upon completion of the programme, learners will have certified that their knowledge has been applied in a fast-growing company, learned new agile work methodologies by using cloud-based tools and adjusted their mindset to be more entrepreneurial in their approach of business objectives execution.

The CFTE Extrapreneurship programme first launched in 2018 and hundreds of participants have completed the editions led by Revolut, Onfido, Shift Technology and Neat. The next edition of the programme with Uber will launch in March, and applications for the programme will open in December.

* Participants without the pre-requisite knowledge can start the programme earlier with courses (CFTE or other). 

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