June 9, 2017

CFTE's Weekly Stories #1 – CFTE Blog

What we’ve been up to this week…

Huy Nguyen Trieu, our Co-founder & CEO of The Disruptive Group, had the pleasure to talk at Moneyconf 2017 in Madrid. No tapas & Sangria’s though!
Huy Nguyen Trieu, Co-founder of CFTE, at MoneyConf Madrid 2017

Why MoneyConf?

“Where the world’s biggest banks and Tech firms meet” says the BBC. Pretty obvious we were going to be there right? In fact, Huy was invited to talk on the Central Stage about Blockchain and its current & future development; to answer the one question on everyone’s mind:

“How will Blockchain go mainstream?” 

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in Finance right now and Huy and Jon Matonis had the task of answering this one very important question. Overall, Huy affirmed once more his “controversial” view on this technology:

On this topic, Huy said the following: “Blockchain have a great great vision that I completely share: No middle man – a decentralised system that improves efficiency and enhances transparency. However, I think we are still at the Research & Development stage. The technology is not mature yet and applications will take some time to have the expected impact.”
And when Huy wasn’t outlining the future vision for Blockchain, he had plenty of time to network with some of the brightest minds in the Fintech ecosystem, check out his Twitter here: @Huynguyentrieu
If you want to learn more about Blockchain, check out the full video of his talk at MoneyConf Madrid 2017!

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