June 9, 2017

Choose your first step to Finance 2.0 – CFTE Blog

We are starting our collaborative content creation scheme and as future member of our platform you are invited to shape it as you’d like it to be!

Therefore, if you had the best FinTech experts in front of you ready to give you a class and provide you some key knowledge on Finance 2.0, what would you choose first?

Take 2 minutes to shape your career:

Why are we asking?

 We will start to BETA TEST our MVP very shortly and we want you to have a say on the platform.

What is an MVP?

The Minimum Viable Product is a concept defined by Eric Ries in his Lean Startup « bible ». The MVP is the core of your dream product. It is meant to cut ideas to the essential to test the Value Proposition on a target market (and improve it quickly): We are developing our platform’s MVP right now and we want you to help us tailor it to your needs.

What is Beta Test?

A Beta Version in the tech jargon designates the first version of a product disclosed to a small number of people to test it and improve it quickly. We’re selecting a group of motivated volunteers to beta test the product.

What’s in it for you?

  • Free education : You will test our top notch content for free
  • Be the first & one of the few : We always remember our Beta Testers – and make sure you’ll remember us as well.
  • Start your journey in Fintech : Beta testing CFTE’s pilote, you will start your journey to Finance 2.0 through our content but ALSO embracing an entrepreneurial adventure seing CFTE from the development stage!

What’s next?

We’ll formally open the application to participate in our beta test in a few days. We’ll then explain in more details what will be the programme and what will be expected from you.

We will be selecting applications in order to have diversified profiles.


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