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Machine Learning in Retail Banking

Written by CFTE’s Experts

In the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has gained a lot of popularity because of its widespread applications. Now its subdomain, Machine Learning, is making things easier and efficient for us. Wealth management is where Machine Learning is bringing a lot of improvements by its revolutionary benefits and applications.

Why is Machine Learning transforming wealth management?

Although humans are much more superior than machines, when the machines are designed and programmed for specific tasks, they can provide better efficiency. The same is the case with machine learning and its impact on wealth management. Here are some reasons why the integration of machine learning is much more important for wealth management.

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Better personalised engagement provided by agents.

With the machine learning techniques implemented on your software, the models can track different events and communication forms. This helps in providing a better analysis of the client. In this way, wealth management agents can provide better-personalised engagement.

A lot of time can be saved.

When a client interacts with a wealth management agent’s services, most of them require personal engagement for better results. With the help of machine learning, the time for this type of communication can be reduced as software powered by AI will automatically contact the client on several events. This can help save a lot of time.

Better predictions and insights.

Machine learning can make good use of a lot of advanced techniques. One of which is Natural Language Processing. With such techniques large data sets can be processed helping the software’s model provide better insights for investments and other wealth management activities.

Examples of applications of Machine Learning on Wealth Management

Machine learning is being implemented in the field of wealth management in a lot of ways. Here we have mentioned some of them.

Machine learning technology is trained on past data and can also use the present data for continuous training. This makes it perfect for making quicker and better calculations.

One of the major applications of machine learning in the wealth management industry is recommendations. With transparency in the system, machine learning provides better recommendations about investments and assets to wealth managers.

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Examples of companies using Machine Learning in Wealth Management.

Although this is a relatively newer technology that will take a long time to be implemented in wealth management. Some companies are already using it for the best results. Here we have mentioned some of them.

ZESTFINANCE : It is a company that utilises thousands of data instances and provides its AI integrated services for better wealth management. The transparency in results that you get here is unmatched with any other platform.

DATAROBOT : This is a platform that provides software based on machine learning technology for  business analysts and wealth managers. The best part about this company is the accurate and quick predictions.

Final Words

Although most of us do not even know how deep Machine Learning technology has infiltrated our lives, we certainly can benefit from its cutting-edge applications. Embracing these technologies in wealth management will help bring much more effectiveness and efficiency in services that can be provided.

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